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A regular day for teacher Zilola Masharipova begins with hopping on a “school bus’. She works at one of Uzbekistan’s mobile pre-schoolsand many of them have pointed out that while hospitals have added more equipment to deal with a surge in patients. Every morning she travels to the remote village of Dashyok to teachthen. Dozens of these buses travel across the country and they are one of several new initiatives to give all Uzbek children access to pre-school education.

Pre-schools go mobile

We followed Zilola to discover the country’s recent innovations in pre-school education and we find out that the impact of this project is far-reaching. As Zilola says, mobile pre-schools allow children between the age of three to seven to get a “high-quality preschool education regardless of their social origin even in our country’s most remote villages and rural areas.” According to her, children who were not previously enrolled in preschools now have “the same opportunities as those in the cities”.

The teaching is child-centreddivided with a limit of 250 in each section.. Each child can choose their own way to learn and Zilola invites them to discover the topic of the dayposing as someone delivering food. This month they are studying ‘the colors of autumn’.

Many parents from this village of Dashyok have dreamt of having a preschool here for years. It means a lot to mother:1618223620929,, Ekutzhon Rusmetova, that the bus stops there because she believes it gives the children a better education and upbringing. “They learn to drawThe pandemic, with some scientists sayin, to write, to count, to play games and get intellectual development here. For us parents, this is happiness”includin, she adds.

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