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UAV live "ballet"! 2019 shaanzhou dikengyuan UAV racing skills competition opens on August 9, hosted by shaanzhou dikengyuan scenic area, Teng various products have entered the flying miracle hosted by thousands of households. 2019 shaanzhou dikengyuan scenic area UAV racing skills competition is hosted by shaanzhou dikengyuan scenic area on August 9, The 2019 Shaanxi dikengyuan scenic area UAV racing skills competition hosted by Tencent Dayu officially kicked off in the dikengyuan scenic area, which is known as the ancient village under the horizon and the living fossil of human cave dwelling. Dozens of crossing aircraft and fixed wing masters from across the country gathered together to perform brilliantly in the high-low and three-dimensional terrain of the scenic area

at the event site, large-scale multi rotor UAVs, helicopter fancy shows, various creative flight performances and wonderful two aircraft formation, staged air ballet in turn, wonderful aircraft model performance flight shows, and the cool performance of air blockbusters opened the eyes of the on-site audience, attracted the on-site guests and audience to applaud from time to time, and won bursts of applause

it is understood that the event has set up fixed wing through the ancient courtyard, UAV crossing, aerial model stunt performance, night stunt performance, tourist experience area, on-site teaching links, UAV aerial model exhibition area, UAV aerial photography and other projects, which lasted for three days. Dozens of domestic flying masters and aerial photography masters gathered together to present a wonderful visual feast for tourists

UAV racing, E-sports and robot fighting are called three emerging intelligent technology sports. This competition is the first time that UAV racing exchange activities have landed in western Henan, and it is also an important part of Tencent's great Henan flying miracle series activities. UAV racing is known as F1 in the air. The UAV is controlled by the UAV hand through the FPV (first angle of view) lens to see the flight environment of the aircraft in real time. The experience of the first angle of view is the most exciting place to fly through. In the chain supermarket, it makes people feel that they are sitting in the aircraft. 22. Overload protection: automatic protection when the maximum load exceeds 10%;, This feeling is like the flying scene in Star Wars, which is an exciting, thrilling and safe extreme sport, which makes people's blood spurt

in addition to professional event performances, the scenic spot also customized UAV research and learning activities for the majority of students who sometimes adopt cast structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.), listened to the knowledge explanation of coaches on site, personally experienced the fun of UAVs, and inserted flying wings into children's dreams! The conference also launched the 2019 pit court cup UAV aerial photography competition at the same time. The competition is divided into two competitions: short video and picture. The majority of aerial photography enthusiasts can upload designated aerial photos or videos to win awards. The aerial photography content can choose any element of Shaanxi pit court scenic area for creation. (Wen Jian, Yang Lin)

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