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UAV aerial photography: Chongqing Shiquan Miaozhai Spring Festival is busy

UAV aerial photography the villagers of Chongqing Shiquan Miaozhai are preparing for the new year by cooperating with MAXNET through big data drive of material science or simple bigmax. The small quadrangle has a great flavor of new year

Shiquan Miao village is located in Hekou village, Cangling Town, Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Chongqing. It is composed of upper, middle and lower races. It is the largest Miao village in the southeast minority area of Chongqing. The village is full of villagers surnamed Shi. Shiquan Miao village has a history of more than 500 years, and has preserved Miao traditional folk culture and intact Miao architecture. Xinhuafa (photographed by Chen Bisheng)

the clean and tidy courtyard of Shiquan Miao village is full of red lanterns and New Year couplets, with a strong flavor of new year. Xinhuafa (photographed by Chen Bisheng)

Chongqing Shiquan Miao analyzes the iron content in the lubricating oil. When the friction surface is constantly supplied with lubricating oil, shibangyu (writer), a villager of the village, writes Spring Festival couplets with a pen. Spring Festival couplets are one of the Folk Spring Festival Customs in China. The few words contain the villagers' full vision. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

every Spring Festival, villagers stick Spring Festival couplets on doors, columns and walls, and the courtyard of Miaozhai looks new. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

when the Spring Festival comes, blessing comes to the door. The word "Fu" expresses the villagers' good expectations for life in the coming year. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

in cold winter, 46 # or 68 # anti-wear hydraulic oil can be used. December is the season to kill new year pigs and eat cured meat. The cured meat on the roof is not only the harvest of that year, but also one of the delicacies of the coming year. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

hidden in the mountains, Shiquan Miaozhai still retains the tradition of grinding tofu. Grinding it down in circles, the tofu is good, and the new year has arrived, which inadvertently brings up a trace of homesickness. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

grind the beans into white sauce, and then make the white sauce into delicate and soft tofu. On New Year's Eve, there is a delicious dish, and the kitchen is full of tofu fragrance. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

one side of the soil and one side of the customs. In Shiquan Miao village in the December moon, playing Ciba is an unforgettable event. The glutinous rice cake sticks together, implying the harmony and unity of the whole family; The sweetness of Ciba symbolizes the sweetness and happiness of life. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

in the month of December, the hardworking villagers of Shiquan Miao village have to make their own bamboo products for new year goods. Nostalgia and the smell of youth are sometimes hidden in these seemingly simple actions. Xinhuafa (photographed by Yang Min)

reviewed by: Chen Lin

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