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United Arab Emirates glass high-performance products are delivered in advance

United Arab Emirates Glass Company LLC is a major building flat glass manufacturer in the Middle East, and the company is wholly-owned by Dubai investment enterprises. Recently, the company announced that it had provided 8000 square meters of high-quality emicool high-performance glass products to Etihad airlines in Abu Dhabi

the emitherm sealed insulating glass series provided by Emirates glass includes 8mm emicol glass products, ne270 gray panes and 17.52mm high-definition laminated panes. These products have excellent light control and thermal control performance, and are indispensable high-quality sound insulation glass products for modern airports around the world

Mr. Ziad yazbeck, general manager of the company, pointed out, "we are very happy to complete the production of these glass products before the delivery date, which fully demonstrates the company's production capacity and good reputation to customers, and consolidates our strength in providing high-quality glass products to large companies such as Abu Dhabi airlines."

etihad airline terminal project is part of the Abu Dhabi Airport expansion plan. Liz nickels' current research focuses on the use of "miracle material" graphene to improve fiber-reinforced plastics, with a total investment of 6.8 billion US dollars. This is the second time that UAE glass has provided high-quality and high-performance glass products to Abu Dhabi airport. The company once provided architectural glass to the airport in 2005

yazbeck also pointed out that "these large number of contracts from various regions of the United Arab Emirates are mainly due to the company's unremitting efforts to update and expand its production line. At present, the ongoing expansion plan should be constantly monitored, which greatly improves the possibility of the company signing new contracts. Therefore, it further determines the leading position of the United Arab Emirates glass in the construction flat glass industry."

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