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UAV, AI and big data companies actively empower ubiquitous power IOT

2019 ubiquitous power IOT Technology Summit Forum was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on September 26. In an on-site interview, Shanghai Securities News found that many UAV, AI and big data companies have set up stalls to show their innovation in the construction of power IOT

for a long time, the market view has listed Guodian Nari and Guoxin industry group, subordinate to Guodian Corporation, as the absolute main force of the construction of ubiquitous power IOT

a person from iFLYTEK told Shanghai Securities News that in fact, a large number of non-national enterprises are also actively participating in the construction of "full color plastic industry" general manager Chen Weihong of UBI. Taking iFLYTEK as an example, based on AI capabilities such as intelligent voice, machine vision, natural language understanding and combined with big data in the power industry, a series of AI power solutions including AI basic capability platform have been created for the construction of ubiquitous power IOT with large gap. The company's existing partners include Guodian Nari, Guoxin industry group, a number of provincial-level companies in China and Nanfang power company

there are more financial institutions among our customers. Now attention has also begun to be paid to the combination of import data and electricity aimed at Combating Smuggling and low-quality recycled materials. The relevant person in charge of Beijing youtejie Information Technology Co., Ltd. told Shanghai Securities News that as a machine big data company, it can start from the application scenarios of ubiquitous IOT data collection, data sharing and data service in combination with the construction goal of ubiquitous power IOT

Wu Wei, general manager of Puzhou aircraft technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., believes that UAV image intelligent algorithm will have broad prospects in the development and application of power IOT

Liu Lin, chief engineer of the Institute of energy interconnection of the National Energy Research Institute, said that the important goal of ubiquitous power IOT is to form an energy interconnection ecosystem, and ultimately achieve drainage + energy, driving the joint development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The diversification of cross-border cooperation will become one of the characteristics of the ubiquitous power IOT business ecosystem. The cooperation subjects will be more diverse. In addition to the relevant parties in the energy industry chain, they will also cooperate with the service providers in transportation, finance, it, real estate and other fields to jointly provide integrated comprehensive services

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