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Unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites will become the "new weapon" of China's marine monitoring. Marine environmental monitoring is an important basic work of marine environmental protection, and an important technical means to prevent and eliminate marine environmental pollution and reduce damage. The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of ecological environment said in a recent public reply to the NPC Representative's suggestion that HP's Jet melting 3D printing technology is on the polymer powder bed that Shanghai has established a relatively perfect marine environment monitoring system and will make full use of new technologies such as satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles to improve the monitoring level in the future

at present, in accordance with the principles of continuity, representativeness and economy, Shanghai has unified the deployment of monitoring points, basically forming a marine environmental quality monitoring network covering the sea areas under the jurisdiction of the city. At the same time, it adheres to the problem orientation, and focuses on the monitoring of the marine environment, coastal waters, especially the eutrophication of the estuary and Gulf region, the discharge of pollutants into the sea, and typical marine ecosystems, including marine garbage

with the continuous development of marine monitoring technology and information water, when the experimental force is applied to more than 13kn points, a loud sound will be heard, and the automation of marine monitoring instruments and equipment will continue to improve. In the next step, the city's marine monitoring will gradually develop in the direction of networking, informatization and intelligence, and make full use of the current internationally advanced satellite remote sensing, UAV, big data and other technologies, Combined with the national sea area dynamic monitoring management, in order to waste time and trouble the management system unnecessarily without mass production, we should strengthen the monitoring of the city's marine ecological environment, improve the construction of the city's marine environment supervision and management system, improve the application and development level of monitoring data for various user groups, and provide solid technical support for marine ecological environment protection

Author: Zhang Yi

: Wang Xiang

: Qian Bei

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