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Taiwan hardware exhibition was held grandly in Taichung on the 17th

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04:10 on October 15, 2018


Taiwan hardware exhibition attracted overseas buyers to visit and negotiate procurement cooperation opportunities with Taiwan manufacturers. Figure/the industry provides

the first choice for Asia professional hardware tools exhibition - Taiwan Hardware Exhibition (THs) was strongly launched at Taichung international exhibition hall from October 17 to 19! After 18 years of deep cultivation in the global market, Taiwan hardware exhibition has now become an annual event that Asia cannot miss Requirements for fixture structure: hardware event. A total of 425 domestic and foreign manufacturers participated in this exhibition, and it is estimated that the three-day exhibition period will bring orders of NT $25billion

the founding company pointed out that the Taiwan Hardware Exhibition connects with the golden schedule of the Canton Fair, and the advantages of Taiwan businessmen's innovative products are conducive to international buyers' visiting and purchasing in Taiwan. The success of the exhibition will help Taiwan factories gain an important strategic position in the global hardware tool market

the benefits of Taiwan Hardware Exhibition increase year by year. In 2017, the number of buyers and visitors at home and abroad reached 30,89. What are the calibration methods of electronic universal testing machines? The number of buyers came from Middle East buyers such as India, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In addition, buyers from South American countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina brought opportunities for Taiwan's hardware industry to explore new international markets

you Xiangzhen, chairman of the Taiwan handmade Tools Association, said that Taiwan's hardware handmade tools were exported to the world. Last year, the output value reached NT $118 billion, an increase of 6.3% compared with the previous year. In recent years, Taiwan's hardware has been developing into a high-quality product. Members of the industry have actively developed innovative brands, and are striving to make breakthroughs in business strategies to ensure international competitiveness

the Association estimated that this year's scale reached a new high, and the estimated order receiving amount could reach NT $25billion. The trading volume accounted for about 25% of the overall output value of hardware tools. The follow-up order receiving benefits are more expected

on ths, buyers can easily find manufacturers that can manufacture products suitable for various industries with reduced material consumption at the same time. Exhibitors can produce products with high standards, which can be widely used in automobile maintenance, precision instruments, mechanical equipment, aviation, shipbuilding, transportation, construction, electronics, which is commonly referred to as skidding and other industries

the organizer pointed out from the reactions of many visitors who visited the ths exhibition that Taiwan hardware manufacturers have high-level design creativity, high-quality technical projects, can flexibly customize the production process, and more importantly, the products can be delivered on time and quickly. These commitments have become the main factors to attract international buyers to cooperate with Taiwan manufacturers for a long time

in order to make it convenient for visitors to learn about Taiwan's hardware industry and exhibitors at one time, ths is held in Taichung, an important city of Taiwan's metal manufacturing industry, and arrange opportunities for visitors to meet with relevant suppliers and visit factories. In addition to the joint exhibition of Taiwan tool manufacturers, the venue also plans a number of value-added services such as business opportunity matchmaking services, industrial trend forums, new product launches and factory visits, effectively combining the three goals of procurement, market development, and seeking B2B partners to become a one-stop high-quality procurement platform

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