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Taipei Rapid Transit adopts moxa network and computer equipment to build the train on-board NVR application system

Taipei Rapid Transit Company (TRTC) selects moxa tn-5516 series industrial Ethernet switch, vport 364-m12 series video encoder and mc-4615/v2416 series guest version embedded computer to build the on-board video surveillance (NVR) system of a rapid transit line in Taipei County. This NT $150billion project is expected to be shipped successively since September 2010

there are many common international manufacturers participating in the project, and moxa's industrial Ethernet and computer products stand out after a series of rigorous and large-scale selection procedures, becoming the best solution for this case. When looking for a partner in this case, the main consideration of Taipei MRT is that the supplier must be able to provide a complete solution compatible with IEC 60571 standard, including communication, computer and image monitoring products, to ensure that all equipment can operate reliably in a harsh vehicle environment for a long time. The vport 364-m12 of moxa is the first video encoder in the world that can meet the IEC 60571 railway transportation standard

"today's train applications have increasingly increased requirements for storage capacity, which is even more critical for the network monitoring application of Taipei MRT, because the establishment of a national chemical park" 1-map rupture strength testing machine is used for carton, paperboard, paper and other industries. " This application requires continuous video recording and playback. This is why we have specially designed v2416 and mc-4615 series embedded computers. These two products have large storage capacity and anti-seismic hard disk protection, and can provide reliable storage solutions in the environment of moving trains with frequent vibration and impact. ★ 8) sensor static accuracy: within load limits, "explained Cao Shengdi, senior associate of moxa power and transportation division

the train of this MRT line is composed of two kinds of locomotives and four kinds of passenger carriages. The tn-5516 Industrial Ethernet switch of moxa will be installed in each locomotive and passenger compartment; System operators can use trunk groups to configure higher transmission bandwidth. Up to eight ports can be allocated to the same link group at the same time, so as to optimize the network connection bandwidth and establish backup paths for key equipment. Each passenger compartment will be equipped with four analog cameras and four interphones, which are connected to moxa vport 364-m12 industrial video encoder. The M12 connector provided by it can ensure stable online and reliable operation, even in the harsh shock environment

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