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Taiwan chemical fiber company plans to build the third aromatics unit in Mailiao

Taiwan chemical fiber company plans to build the third aromatics unit in Mailiao

July 4, 2002 reading: -- Accelerating the construction of the industry wide innovation system source: unknown | the person who submitted the TBS draft

Taiwan chemical fiber company (FCFC) said last week that the company wants to build the third aromatics unit in Mailiao, Taiwan

the proposed combined plant includes a paraxylene (PX) plant with a production capacity of at least 300000 tons/year, and a world-scale benzene, toluene and mixed xylene plant

the specific production capacity and start-up date of each unit have not been determined, and a decision will be made only after FCFC has determined the technology and raw materials

the company wants to build this project because Taiwan is short of 300000 tons of p-xylene every year. FCFC operates two sets of refined p-xylene

dicarboxylic acid (PTA) units with a total capacity of 1million tons/year. The third set of 500000 tons/year units is planned to be put into operation at the end of July or the beginning of August

FCFC's No.1 and No.2 aromatics combined units in Mailiao currently produce 1.47 million tons of triphenyl per year, using UOP technology. At present, the PX production capacity is 630000 tons per year. Before the PX project is started, this large company plans to import PX to meet the needs of

PTA units

The PX project also intends to provide raw materials for the proposed world-scale PTA plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Although the mainland project is still in the gestation stage, the start-up time is the same as that of Taiwan's No. 3 aromatics project

at that time, the three links between the mainland and Taiwan are likely to be realized, and PX can be directly transported to Ningbo PTA plant

if FCFC can directly transport PX from Taiwan to the mainland, the company will build a device of about 600000 tons/year, so that

can take into account FCFC's PTA devices on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

the company is evaluating UOP and Axens (former French Petroleum Research Institute) technology and is preparing to use it in the No. 3 aromatics unit

. Using uo, some domestic manufacturers have also adopted high-precision load sensors to measure the technology of P company. The PX production rate is relatively high. Using Axens technology, the cost is relatively low, but the company does not exclude the use of other technologies at the current


the company is still considering what raw materials to use, the most likely to use thermal cracking gasoline. The company's No. 1 and No. 2 aromatics units use thermal cracking gasoline and naphtha to make the rope brake not in a tight state during impact as raw materials. The production capacity of the unit and the technology and raw materials to be adopted can be decided at the end of this year or the beginning of next year

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