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Taipuai transmission maintenance project hot automotive aftermarket

taipuai transmission maintenance project hot automotive aftermarket

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taipuai automatic transmission professional oil change maintenance provides partners with an independent project that meets the rigid needs of the automotive aftermarket, ensures continuous growth and sustainable profits, so that partners can grasp the first opportunity in the fierce market competition and improve their competitiveness, Stand out

eight project advantages

46 ton forklift truck is a pure American brand, enjoying global quality

core transmission technology, a number of oil patents

all series transmission oil, ensuring worry free lubrication

international quality system, international brand certification

advanced blending technology, high quality and reliable as one

intelligent oil change equipment, easy and professional maintenance

sustainable profit model, and realizing win-win cooperation

expert service team, Full service support

technology platform resources

tapai has the core technology of transmission system and automatic transmission lubrication. Based on the core formula of the United States, a lot of localization development work has been carried out according to the characteristics of vehicle conditions, road conditions and demand in China. It is the brand that currently holds the most patents for transmission oil

tapai has international industry certifications and automotive OEM certifications such as API of the American Petroleum Institute, SAE of the American Society of automotive engineers, AGMA of the Gear Manufacturers Association, ACEA of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, Mercedes Benz MB, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen VW, GM, which are the same as the aircraft lost contact with Malaysia Airlines this time, and meets the strict requirements of international ISO standards, German DIN standards, Japanese jaso/jik standards, and Chinese GB standards

product advantages - a full range of transmission lubrication schemes

taipuai high-end transmission system oil is refined with patented formula and proprietary technology by selecting high-quality synthetic base oil and new additives in strict accordance with the special process requirements of transmission oil. It covers ATF 540, A4 and operation mode control for 4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed, 8-speed and 9-speed automatic transmissions: full computer control, windows mode operation of TF 660, ATF 670 and ATF 987 automatic transmission oil, cvtf B78 and cvtf as8 automatic transmission oil for stepless automatic transmission, DCTF 70W and DCTF 60d automatic transmission oil for double clutch transmission, MTF 75w-90 and psf-8 advanced power steering oil for manual transmission, etc, The product performance is clearly subdivided, which can meet the lubrication needs of the transmission of most models

service support

tapai's service team includes transmission hardware experts, transmission oil experts, marketing and training experts. Through perfect training and support policies, it realizes standardized services, and responds to users' oil needs and technical advice in a timely manner through 24-hour and official, online and other online ways, so as to solve users' difficult problems in a timely manner

taipuai automatic transmission professional maintenance project has a bright future

long press the QR code to join tapai and create a blue ocean

cooperating with taipuai is to introduce an independent and complete post market sustainable profit project, enter a rapidly growing emerging market with higher requirements for technology, products and services, and effectively distinguish from many operators using traditional business methods, so as to achieve that everyone has his own skills, everyone has his own skills, differentiated competition, and lead the industry

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