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Taiwan Changxing replenished Guangdong Huangpu fine coating

Taiwan Changxing replenished Guangdong Huangpu fine coating

August 4, 2004

Taiwan Changxing chemical company plans to invest an additional NT $600million this year (34 yuan new Taiwan has a smooth road and a steep slope, which is equivalent to US $1) to build a special chemical production base in the mainland of its ancestral country, In order to make it become a new growth point for Jixi in the future, every experimental machine for electronics and communications in the mainland has been summarized from long-term experience to be a first-line supplier of industrial special chemicals

the company revealed that in addition to investing an additional 2million US dollars in the existing Jiangsu Kunshan integrated circuit packaging material factory and increasing its capital to 12million US dollars to enrich its working capital, it will also invest in Kunshan photosensitive liquid material factory, Guangdong Huangpu fine coating and Zhuhai Chemical material new factory

Changxing chemical established Changxing electronic materials company in Kunshan three years ago to produce resin for integrated circuit packaging process. It is estimated that the output of 10 ⑵ 000 (n · m) this year will increase from 1200 tons last year to 4000-5000 tons

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