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Taipei International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition kicked off

the 2010 Taipei International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (taipeiplas2010) will kick off today in Nangang Exhibition Hall. The exhibition was jointly organized by Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association (TAITRA) and Taiwan Machinery Industry Association (TAMI) for 5 days

this exhibition is divided into five exhibition areas: plastic rubber processing machinery area, plastic rubber interface 3-year preparation area, mold and parts area, plastic rubber raw materials and products area, International Association and media area. It has attracted 419 businesses from 13 countries and regions, including Germany, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Chinese Mainland, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, aier4, and the full-automatic spring tension and compression testing machine LAN, using 2111 stalls. Well known companies should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is a vertical factory, including Fengming, Guangxing, 100million, Baisu, quanlifa, Dingkun, Taichung Jingji, Jiuxin, fuqiangxin, Jinhongxing, Yuanyun, Shanghong, Kunxin, Zhenyun, Congwei, Zhiqing, Zhenxiong, Weili, Fengji, Huaqin, Chaoqun, shangdajia, Lianfa, etc

during the exhibition, 14 industrial trends and technical seminars will be held, and shaminahmed, Secretary General of Bangladesh rubber and plastic products manufacturing and Export Association, will be invited to give a speech on "the current situation and prospects of the plastic products market in Bangladesh". In addition, the "cross strait plastic industry cooperation and Development Forum" will be held on March 4, the day before the exhibition

in addition, the organizer invited a total of 60 buyers from 22 countries including Europe, the United States, Japan and emerging countries in the next five years, of which 19 buyers have a turnover of more than US $50million, and specially handled the "2010 taipeiplas joint procurement fair", which was held in the conference room of Nangang Exhibition Hall on March 5 and 8, respectively. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 2500 foreign visitors and 17500 domestic businessmen to visit and purchase

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