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Taishan "Daheng glass" entered his spring in the cold winter.

due to long-term foreign trade business, "Daheng people" have adapted to the "harsh requirements" of foreign investors for products. On the one hand, they are thrifty and diligent, and they can save as much as they can. At the same time, in order to ensure quality, "tycoon people" spend as much as they should, and never spare

drive south along Guangzhou to Buxi Industrial Zone, Shuibu Town, Taishan City. From a distance, you can see the four red characters "tycoon glass" hanging high, which is particularly dazzling. Since the current chairman Liu Woxian took the helm of Taishan Daheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. in 1985, after more than 20 years of hard work and continuous innovation, the annual production capacity of metal inlaid glass of Daheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has reached the level of 1.5 million to 2 million pieces, of which 80% of its products are exported to the European and American building materials market, with an annual output value of more than 300 million yuan, and the heavy concrete bridge deck is removed. The company was awarded the title of "top ten enterprises" and "top ten brands" of Chinese art glass by China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association in 2004

because they have long provided qualified products to several major building materials manufacturers in the United States, many American merchants like to call Liu Woxian "glass Liu". Relying on stable sales and growing sales, Liu Woxian has also become a real "tycoon" from Taishan tycoon village

under the guidance of Pan Shengjian, deputy general manager, in recent years, he visited the production workshops of various links of inlaid glass products. I found a piece of inlaid glass used in an ordinary interior door, which seemed to become a work of art in the eyes of tycoons. At a glance, everything in the production workshop where hundreds of people work is orderly. According to reports, the processing procedures of Daheng enterprises have been broken down to the smallest, and dozens of processes are "separate" and interrelated. Since the workers in each workshop are not allowed to leave their posts, the operation mode of full-time and special workers is implemented in all production links such as blanking, slicing, edging, molding, assembly, electroplating, cleaning, quality inspection, packaging, transportation, etc., which can ensure that the workers' familiarity with their jobs and technical level are continuously improved

in order to enhance market competitiveness and reduce costs, "Daheng people" have made a single product into an industrial chain. From the production of glass with quartz sand, to copper sheets, lead ingots, metal strips, and even the wooden boxes used in all product packaging cases, all are processed by enterprises themselves. This one-stop production, coupled with strict rules and regulations with clear rewards and punishments, makes Daheng products have a great price advantage. Due to high quality and low price, user orders naturally increase, with a quantitative basis, cost savings are more obvious. In the metal processing workshop, the recycling of scrap metal alone saves tycoons tens of millions of yuan a year

due to long-term foreign trade business, "tycoon people" have adapted to the "harsh requirements" of foreign investors for products. On the one hand, they are thrifty and diligent, and they can save as much as they can. At the same time, in order to ensure quality, "tycoon people" spend as much as they should, and never spare. For example, a large amount of money has been spent on introducing various automatic production equipment, including "Big Macs" in the field of process glass production, such as automatic plate loading machines in Italy and glass processing furnaces that interact with American manufacturers through networking. In addition, tycoons also insist on paying high prices for key accessories such as adhesive strips used in insulating glass to buy products of major international brands. With the improvement of first-class equipment and management rules, Daheng's products have become increasingly rich, and the industrial chain has become longer and longer. Now it includes many links, such as ultra white glass production and non-ferrous metal processing, which not only meet the needs of the enterprise itself, but also provide services for other hardware lamp manufacturers

in recent years, tycoons' business has become bigger and stronger, and enterprises have begun to pay attention to cultural construction and pursue social benefits at the same time. In Daheng factory, there is a very beautiful Volleyball Hall. It is reported that Liu Woxian, who grew up as the "hometown of Volleyball" in China, particularly likes playing volleyball. Therefore, at his initiative, Daheng has its own Volleyball Hall and volleyball team. Every evening and holidays, migrant workers and working girls from all over the country will relax and exercise here. In the exhibition hall of the company, Chen Zhonghe, the coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, and the women's volleyball team members signed on a large volleyball as a precious souvenir to commemorate the ultimate stress value of the rock sample when it reached failure under tension

it is the tycoon who has been engaged in business wholeheartedly for many years, has accumulated rich experience, and the strength of the enterprise is getting stronger and stronger. He has successfully completed the series development and R & D business projects of plastic melt gear pump, and more and more. At the same time, the confidence of pursuing the maximization of social benefits and implementing humanized management is also growing. The person in charge of the company said that nothing is terrible to be an enterprise, just afraid of no one. Therefore, no matter what we do, we should be responsible for our employees and make them feel secure

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