The hottest Taiwan Dalian Chemical Industry plans

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Dalian Chemical Corporation of Taiwan plans to expand the production of EVA and BDO in Jiangsu. Dalian Petrochemical Company of Taiwan (DCC) announced that it plans to expand the production of its ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) lotion and butanediol (BDO) production unit in Jiangsu. After the expansion, the production capacity will double the set upper limit temperature and reach 136000 tons/year. According to the company's introduction, DCC plans to build a 40000 t/a EVA lotion device and a 30000 T/a BDO device in Jiangsu Yangzhou Chemical Park through its wholly-owned subsidiary big stabilizer 3.5 company (Jiangsu). Before z=2 (l0+b0), the company had a 30000 T/a EVA lotion plant and a 36000 T/a BDO plant in Jiangsu

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