The hottest Taiwan company will set up a trademark

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Taiwan companies will set up a trademark pasting machine factory in the mainland of the motherland. Laboratory tests show that the heat scattered in the materials is rising.

Taiwan Chuanjing precision machine factory, which has ruled over various trademark pasting machines for 20 years, will set up a factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, the mainland of the motherland this year

Lin Baowei, general manager of Kawasaki, said that after-sales is the most important thing. All kinds of packaging containers used in beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, whether round, flat, oval or irregular, are widely used in the company's standard or specially designed trademarks. Is it ball screw or trapezoidal screw? The pasting machine performs automatic labeling before making a decision

trademark pasting machines are divided into two types: self-adhesive and gluing. The price of the former is low, but the label must be treated with adhesive backing in advance. The gluing machine is slightly expensive, but whether using water glue or hot melt glue, the average cost of a single label is lower than that of self adhesion, and the gluing machine is more economical for mass pasting

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