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Why are the 28 AI leaders gathered here when cloud entered Guangzhou Nansha international artificial intelligence industry research institute from technology? What did these AI guys talk about here

on May 23, 2017, Guangzhou artificial intelligence Roundtable Conference was held in mingquanju. Yuncong technology and other artificial intelligence enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou municipal government and Nansha District government, and settled in Guangzhou Nansha international Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute

Roundtable on science and technology

this round table on artificial intelligence has a luxurious lineup:

liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, tianshuning, chairman of AsiaInfo group and chairman of broadband capital, yangzhiyuan, founder of Yahoo and director of Alibaba group, dengzhonghan, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and founder of Zhongxing micro group, Zhou Xi, founder of Yuncong technology, Li Kai, Professor of Princeton University and academician of American Academy of engineering, President of Baidu Zhang Yaqin, academician of the American Electrical Engineering Association, and dozens of experts from academia, artificial intelligence industry, business and capital circles discussed the development plan of artificial intelligence industry

at the meeting, the municipal leaders announced a series of supporting policies and measures for the development of artificial intelligence industry in Guangzhou and Nansha District. These include the establishment of a Guangzhou artificial intelligence industry fund called "the third milestone in the development of seismic isolation technology in the world", the creation of a thousands of Mu Nansha artificial intelligence Industrial Park, and the support for the establishment of Guangzhou Nansha international artificial intelligence industry advanced research institute

Zhou Xi, founder of Yuncong technology, as a guest speaker of the conference, delivered a speech entitled "computer vision - artificial intelligence entry and industrialization thinking", which described the ways in which artificial intelligence enables all walks of life and introduced the industrial layout of Yuncong technology

jointly build a city of artificial intelligence

Nansha District, Guangzhou, as a national new area and pilot Free Trade Zone, has a large-scale layout of the artificial intelligence industry. This conference will promote Guangzhou to take the lead in setting up the banner of the development of artificial intelligence industry in China, promote the convergence of the world's strongest brains in Nansha, Guangzhou, and create a source of artificial intelligence industry development in Guangdong and even the whole country

AI enterprises including Yuncong technology formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou municipal government to jointly build Nansha AI city

according to the development plan of artificial intelligence industry in Guangzhou, introduce a number of domestic and foreign leading artificial intelligence enterprises or projects to form an industrial scale. Recently, an international authoritative organization signed a contract to settle in Guangzhou south announced that the sand artificial intelligence advanced research institute includes industry leaders such as Yuncong technology and iFLYTEK

for enterprises settled in Guangzhou Nansha international artificial intelligence Advanced Research Institute, the government will give them more than 400million yuan of settlement incentives and other subsidies, and support the bank to provide a total of 300million yuan of comprehensive credit line to the settled enterprises. In particular, for public technology support platforms, the government will give subsidies of up to 49%, and plans to build a set of large-scale artificial intelligence public technology software, hardware and data infrastructure platforms that are world-class, domestic leading and open to use, to meet the needs of various artificial intelligence technology development, research, testing and simulation within 5 to 10 years

therefore, for the AI teams or enterprises settled in Nansha, while fully enjoying the relevant policies of Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone headquarters, science and technology and talents, the process of succumbing will be 10 minutes short. With the support of research institutes, funds and industrial parks, they will also receive the following special industrial support: (1) world leading software and hardware platform resources and data resources; (2) System professional talents, R & D and achievement transformation services; (3) Sufficient research and development sites and good working and living environment; (4) Focus on the field of artificial intelligence and invest enough funds; (5) Planned land for long-term industrial development and expansion

this series of policies were strongly responded by experts and enterprises attending the meeting, who said that they would live up to their expectations to jointly build Nansha artificial intelligence industry and build a future smart city that gathers capital, talents, education, incubates the interpretation, display and life experiment of the new national standard system of Chinese food contact materials

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