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Accelerating the application of cloud services in the era of informatization and big data, enterprises are building a multi scene digital intelligence

the investment strategy of the epidemic in 2014 is to prevent and control the epidemic. People have no choice but to fight the epidemic at home and reduce going out. The offline real economy has been seriously impacted, and service industries such as catering, group tourism, hotel accommodation, offline education and training, leisure and entertainment bear the brunt. At the same time, some consumption and services that meet people's living needs have been transferred online on a large scale, giving birth to a variety of new service models. New consumption modes such as live broadcast, goods carrying, remote diagnosis and non-contact distribution are gradually used and recognized by consumers. Let's take a look at the new features, trends and changes of the online economy under the epidemic

cloud service has now become a household word. Because the epidemic situation will not really improve in the short term, and long-term recurrence has become a fact. On the premise of physical isolation, the migration of offline services to online services becomes faster, which is not limited to life and medical care, but also greatly increases the demand for collaborative office, video office and education. The epidemic has also promoted enterprises that traditionally focus on offline sales to try to do so through online contactless means

nailing has become the biggest winner, with the number of downloads, users and usage frequency ranking first. The summit of enterprise service applications means that the digitalization of group organizations is put on the agenda on a large scale. When the demand of the C-end is stagnant, the requirements of the b-end enterprises for interoperability and cooperation and data interaction become higher, and face-to-face communication is not possible. We can solve problems online

enterprises access SaaS to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Enterprises prefer Ingeo products that can strengthen sales and customer relations and help sales transform customers. They have achieved food contact compliance models in many regions of the world. In 2020, the sudden attack of the epidemic Black Swan severely hindered the offline business scenario, and the online channel of circular arc materials turned into a new contact for enterprises to communicate with customers. Although many offline organizations have vowed that online activities can not replace offline activities, under the epidemic, offline education and sales have been suspended and have to be connected to online work

cloud services accelerate the speed of information services and reduce deployment investment and cost

how to use information means, especially cloud services, to solve problems has become one of the most concerned focuses of enterprises. Obviously, cloud services have greatly accelerated the diffusion of information services. Cloud service products provide software services through the network, reducing the large amount of early investment and face-to-face delivery costs required for local deployment. A simple link portal and the operation and use of a software can enable many customers to enjoy relevant information products and services

compared with the traditional model, which requires special personnel and various complex IT application environments, cloud services can now be used on demand without resource limitation and waste. It reduces the costs of enterprise computer room construction and operation and maintenance, and has a high degree of standardization. According to the current development trend, all walks of life have already formed a consensus on cloud services. B-end enterprises gradually migrate their business from the traditional IT architecture to the cloud. However, data migration requires costs, and each enterprise will naturally have the willingness to pay if it quickly establishes its awareness and usage habits of cloud products

in fact, the essence of cloud services is to use interconnection to access applications, data, or services stored or running on remote servers. Any company that uses an Internet-based approach to computing, storage and development can be technically called a cloud company

in the era of big data with fierce competition, enterprise bee cloud has opened a road of characteristic development.

enterprise bee cloud has transformed from a single service platform to a multi scenario enterprise application cloud platform. Relying on Alibaba cloud infrastructure, it provides customers with deeply customized SaaS products and services around cloud computing and big data. In the era of big data with fierce competition and accelerated reshuffle, we need to walk out of our own unique path to be recognized by the market and achieve sustainable scale growth

Qifeng cloud can enable six core competencies: enterprise marketing service, intelligent office, business collaboration, enterprise recruitment, brand publicity, and promotion and drainage, including smart marketing, smart event 1, loading service of tensile testing machine, smart cloud business card, Yuren recruitment, Qifeng mall, Huaxin direct broadcast, Qifeng media, and other major products. Through SaaS products with different business needs, it can build multi scenario enterprise digital intelligence

with the help of enterprise bee cloud, we can resist the impact, ensure the orderly progress of online business, and help enterprises recover their normal business operations as soon as possible. As an enterprise application cloud platform, enterprise bee cloud can effectively improve the efficiency of business, to a certain extent, it can wake up enterprises' repositioning of the cloud, and also lay a foundation for enterprises to move towards more in-depth digital intelligence through cloud applications in the future

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