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The pattern of cloud computing impacting unified communication manufacturers aiming at industry integration and M & a

unified communication is being shaken. Manufacturers are striving to become cloud oriented, so that they can meet the market demand for cloud based unified communication solutions

converged technology professionals is a solution provider headquartered in crystal lake, Illinois. It is also a partner company of Microsoft and shoretel. Joe Rittenhouse, President of business development and management partner of the company, said that we know that the unified communication world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Anyone who pays attention to these trends in the unified communications industry knows that many companies have a strong interest in integration, such as Polycom, Avaya, mitel, sharetel, and so on

established manufacturers in the industry such as Avaya and shoretel are hiring financial consultants to explore new strategic options, which may include the potential sale of companies or the sale of specific assets. Polycom is about to be acquired by Siris capital group, and shoretel recently acquired corvisa, a cloud based unified communications professional company

mitel, which failed to successfully acquire Polycom, acquired mavenir, a cloud based unified communication provider, last year, and is now actively preparing for more acquisitions, mitel executives said at the company's recent earnings conference

Gartner, a research company, predicts that there will be more integration in the unified communication field, and user expectations will also be improved, which will urge people to pay more attention to the financial feasibility of manufacturers

the integration of internally deployed unified communication with cloud and hybrid unified communication services will continue to play a key role if there are special requirements, said Bern Elliot, Gartner unified communication analyst. As the enterprise unified communications market matures, we expect more consolidation

as the customers Shandong Dongchen and Shandong Guangyin have both built 5000 t/a pa1212 industrialization devices, the demand for cloud based solutions is gradually increasing. Although the market leading manufacturers Cisco and Microsoft have sufficient financial strength, other manufacturers will also take more radical measures

according to the prediction of marketsandmarkets, a market analysis company, the global ucaas market is expected to increase from US $15.1 billion in 2015 to US $24.8 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of about 11%. In North America, ucaas generated nearly $4billion in revenue last year. IHS, an analysis company, expects the market to grow at an annual rate of 20% by 2020

in may, a person familiar with the matter said that Avaya's 3. Electronic tensile testing machine selection indicators are well-established private equity companies Silver Lake partner and TPG capital are considering selling the company or selling specific assets. According to Reuters, Genesys telecommunications, a call center software provider, is currently negotiating to acquire Avaya's contract center business at a price of about US $4billion

an executive from a solution provider and a long-term partner of Avaya said that Avaya is trying to gain a foothold in the cloud era by becoming a communication software and service provider. The change to the cloud and the huge debt are turning Avaya upside down, he said

they need to fight for the future now, he said

shoretel is also focusing on providing more clouds and hybrid clouds, emphasizing ucaas solutions

at the recent quarterly financial report meeting, shoretel disclosed that its board members have formed a strategic advisory committee to discuss various plans, which may include selling part of the company's business or the whole company. Shoretel hired J.P. Morgan Securities as its financial adviser and Fenwick West as its legal adviser

from the perspective of shoretel's partners, I don't regard this as a negative move, and this is what I personally want to see, said Rittenhouse of converged technology professionals. They are exploring all kinds of possibilities, which is what they should do. At present, the worst thing is to pretend that we have not encountered any business and must adapt to the possibility of being damaged; Earth shaking changes

lifesize, a unified communications provider, has taken a strategic step. At the beginning of this year, it separated from Logitech and hopes to become a cloud and ucaas provider

what you will see is implementation, strategy, and attention to certain organizations, Rittenhouse said. This shows that they are considering whether they have a sustainable, scalable and powerful cloud model. Now they are achieving this goal

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