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Xingyun housekeeper was invited to attend the "2021 West Lake safety conference"

as China has entered a high-quality development stage, the economic digital transformation has accelerated, and the digital economy is becoming a new lever to leverage economic growth. As the foundation of digitalization, network security has become an important protective barrier for the digital economy and the digital future. At 9:00 on April 24, the 2021 West Lake debate on Network Security Conference (hereinafter referred to as "the West Lake debate") with the theme of security: the foundation of digital reform was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center

as the industry-leading multi cloud management platform, the executive housekeeper of Xingyun was invited to attend the West Lake sword discussion conference, and joined more than 10 industry leading enterprises, including Alibaba cloud, Huawei Technology, Tencent security, Lenovo Group, Wanda information and Anheng information. He also talked with four national academicians in the main forum on it management and security governance, data security, development of new smart cities Industrial interconnection and other issues affecting digital reform were discussed and exchanged on the maintenance and precautions of rubber low temperature brittleness testing machine

it is learned from the scene that the West Lake network security conference is one of the far-reaching security summits of China's network security industry. This year is the ninth year of the West Lake network security conference. This year, the West Lake network security conference focuses on the frontier technologies of network security that affect the digital reform. It has set up a main forum and 15 sub forums, gathering thousands of academicians, leaders of competent departments of various industries, experts and scholars, industry elites and ecological partners, Share the experience and thinking of digital reform in all walks of life, and gain insight into the network security development trend of new technologies and new scenarios in the context of the new era

as an important part of the 2021 West Lake sword debate conference, this year a special theme exhibition on network power was set up to comprehensively show the important ideas of network power, the important achievements of network security, the current risks and challenges of network security and the development of network security in the 14th five year plan. At the West Lake debate forum, Zhu Guobang, director of the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of public security, comprehensively expounded his views on effectively promoting network security level protection and key information infrastructure protection under the new situation

in order to meet the needs of level protection under the new situation, as early as December 1 last year, the basic requirements for level protection of information security technology network security and other relevant documents and regulations were updated and issued. It is commonly known in the industry as level 2.0. What is the relationship between level 2.0 and cloud computing today, when cloud computing is widely popularized

on this issue, we interviewed Mr. Zhang Yong, CEO of Xingyun housekeeper. Mr. Zhang Yong said: with the changing development of the times, the complexity of the network environment is inevitable. Especially today, when cloud computing is popular, cloud computing has developed into the infrastructure of enterprise IT architecture. The proposal of Waibao 2.0 fully conforms to the security and compliance needs of the development of cloud computing. Waibao 2.0 not only effectively standardizes the data security protection behavior of enterprises, It has also laid a safe foundation for cloud computing to continue to promote enterprise digital transformation

at this meeting, we also discussed how enterprises can do a good job in data security protection in the complex network environment of cloud computing. Mr. Zhang Yong, CEO of Xingyun housekeeper, shared with us: from the perspective of management, strengthening the protection of operation and maintenance equipment and strengthening the supervision of operation and maintenance personnel are the fundamental measures to avoid enterprise data security accidents. According to statistics, 70% of security accidents are caused by poor internal operation and maintenance management, As the guardian of data security, fortress is essentially to solve the problems of security, controllability and compliance in the IT operation and maintenance process

according to the survey, as a leading multi cloud management platform in China, the cloud manager has built-in cloud fortress machine module. The cloud fortress machine of the cloud manager is not only a superset of the functions of the traditional fortress machine, but also supports cloud native features such as high concurrency and mass storage of cloud computing. It supports a variety of IT hardware resources such as physical servers, virtual hosts, routers/switches, and can also uniformly manage the computing of different public cloud hosts according to formula (3); The ability of virtual machine and private virtual machine enables unified management of IT resources, batch implementation of operation and maintenance operations, and automated operation and maintenance of massive devices

in this conference, the Xingyun housekeeper delegation also interacted with on-site guests on product exchange, industry insight sharing, etc., shared the authorization model of Xingyun housekeeper's cloud fortress machine based on users, roles and organizational structure, and its ability to fine control the permissions of operation and maintenance personnel. It provided a dual guarantee of command/video audit for sensitive operations, fully guaranteed the right people to access the right equipment with the right operation, Thus, the enterprise data security incidents caused by illegal access and misoperation are avoided

in the new era, new journey, new challenges and new opportunities, the cloud steward also always adheres to the idea of security: the foundation of digital reform, providing multi cloud and hybrid cloud one-stop cloud computing management solutions for thousands of cloud enterprises in the new century, helping to build a security base for enterprise digitalization, working in parallel with many channels and partners to jointly create a good ecological environment for enterprise cloud services and help enterprises' digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading

at 20:30 on April 24, under the bright lights, the sound of sounds of nature rose slowly. The annual 021 West Lake sword network safety conference, which was held by the relevant departments before and after the launch of the level 2 and level 1 response mechanism for the release of advanced coal production capacity, ended in the closing chorus of the times concert

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