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Pengyulong: build a communication cloud platform and add wings to applications

a revolution is brewing in the communication industry. Pengyulong, founder of Shenzhen yunzhixunluo Technology Co., Ltd., said to. With the increasing demand for scenario based interconnection and business flow, the business model of traditional operators directly facing users and enterprises has changed, and operators can no longer meet the enterprise's efficient, low-cost and customized business needs in terms of communication. The entire communication industry is undergoing the transformation from elements to services and then to platforms. More business needs are changing from standardization to personalized customization and deep integration. As an open platform integrating all communication capabilities, cloud news came into being under this background

let every application plug in the wings of communication.

the early communication industry made money by selling equipment. Software and technical services are not the mainstream form

with the sweeping tide of cloud computing, telecom operators have been unable to quickly adapt to the situational communication needs of Internet applications. Cloud news can provide Internet enterprises with unique value-added services based on telecommunications, such as hidden signal calls

Uber China adopts the hidden number scheme of cloud news to realize the encryption function. When the driver and passengers call each other, the display system automatically generates a group of virtual numbers instead of the real numbers of the other party, thus protecting the information security of the driver and passengers

hidden phone calls are also applicable to real estate agents, used car agents, recruitment stations, e-commerce and other fields

the hidden number scheme not only protects personal privacy, but also protects the security of the company's information assets. For example, it prevents brokers from taking away the customer data of the original enterprise due to resignation. Pengyulong said to

in addition to hidden signal calls, cloud news also provides more than 10 cloud services based on telecommunications and Internet communication capabilities, such as voice verification code, Internet voice and video calls, conferences, call centers, and live broadcasts. These services will be made into standard open interfaces and provided to third-party application access, which are mainly used in o2o, customer service, enterprise communications, intelligent hardware, mobile medical and other industries

yunzhixun team expansion activity

making each application plug in the wings of communication is a striking slogan on the official website of yunzhixun

it is understood that at present, yunzhixun's business covers 200million end users. The fatigue crack expansion of metal structures by applying fracture mechanics is more than a few millimeters. The passive houses efficiently use sunlight, internal heat sources and heat recovery to generate 60million interface requests every day. There are more than 100000 registered users and more than 5000 paying users, including Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lianjia Uber and other well-known companies are customers of cloud news

the solution of cloud news is based on the PAAS (platform-as-a-service: platform-as-a-service, taking the operation and development environment of application services as a business model for service provision). There is a threshold in this field, and not everyone can do well

pengyulong explained to us that on the one hand, we need to have the ability to integrate Telecom resources, that is, network construction and resource integration. We need to do network docking for operators in 31 provinces across the country. On the other hand, excellent technology is a necessary condition, and reliable service and guarantee must be achieved with the help of low-cost interconnection and technical capabilities

because there is a threshold, we have value

pengyulong believes that the core value of cloud news is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first is efficiency. Communication requires large capacity and high stability. It is not easy to integrate national and global resources for network construction. However, through cloud news, more than 300 operators around the world can be integrated to achieve single point access and rapid online. This is the value of efficiency. The second is elasticity. Businesses have peaks. In peak and trough times, cloud services help to cancel the peaks and create a sharing mode to maximize the use of interconnection to meet demand

in fact, yunzhixun is already on the path of value realization

the company was established in April, 2014. At the beginning of its establishment, it obtained angel investment from hongtianfeng, former vice president of Huawei and partner of Fangguang capital management

in may, 2015, it obtained a round of financing from Junlian capital and the capital of nearly 100 million yuan

the company achieved revenue of 37million in 2014, 160million in 2015 and billion in 2016

the technical male CEO never forgets his original intention

honest and down-to-earth is pengyulong's first impression, which may be related to his professional experience

after graduation in 2000, pengyulong entered Huawei's R & D system and stayed for ten years; In March, 2011, the sample requirements for the tensile testing machine to test the breaking force of shoelaces were as follows: he left Huawei and joined youxinluo Technology Co., Ltd. as CTO the next year

until the news of the founding of cloud, pengyulong has been engaged in technical posts. When he talks about data and theory, he can go on and on

if pengyulong's background is a technical man, the background of yunzhixun is technology driven

it is understood that the company's team has grown to about 200 people, of which the number of product R & D accounts for more than 60%. A R & D team consisting of 120 people has been established, most of whom come from front-line communication enterprises and Internet enterprises

meanwhile, the company has obtained more than 12 patents and nearly 10 computer software copyrights

when asked about the purpose of the round a financing fund, pengyulong frankly replied: 20million yuan has been invested in technology, and 100 technicians have been recruited. The rest of the money is used for fund circulation due to resale of PAAS services

talent is the eternal topic of startups. Cloud news has grown from a dozen people at the beginning of its establishment to 200 people now. The recruitment process is difficult. In the first seven or eight months, I spent two hours every day searching my resume and looking through my address book to find the right colleagues and friends

the ring terminal of Peng's wire harness is hung on the pull table near the center of the pull plate. Yulong recalled the situation when the company was founded and said that to recruit back-to-back people is like fighting a war. The people behind should be trusted, and everyone should be independent in their own fields. No matter how hard it is, they can withstand it

before starting a business, it was very popular to insist on the original intention. At that time, I was still wondering: what is the original intention? Why insist on the original intention? Now, I have a new understanding of this sentence

frankly speaking, I also feel vacillating and confused in the process of starting a business, which is very dangerous. If the enterprise keeps vacillating, it will die. However, I just can't think clearly about some things and it's difficult to make a choice. Pengyulong said when talking about the most impressive experience during the entrepreneurial period

2015 is just the tuyere of B2B and enterprise services. SaaS services are popular in the industry, and enterprises that do Ott and SaaS get financing one after another. The news of the lonely cloud seems very lonely. At that time, PAAS was like a wild solitary beast in China, lonely, confused and terrified

however, pengyulong's heart is strong, and he finally led yunzhixun to survive

pengyulong (left) and CTO jiajunjie (right)

sticking to the original intention is to go on firmly when you are most confused and give yourself a reason to stick to it. For me, this reason is to make a good communication cloud platform of PAAS

however, as the enterprise is developing, some people will leave

pengyulong believes that entrepreneurship is like a running train of life. It is normal that people may get off the train halfway

startups need different talents at different stages. In the early stage, they may not be able to find completely suitable people. Some people may not keep up with the pace of the enterprise, or the development direction of the enterprise may not be completely consistent with the expectations of some people. Leaving halfway is inevitable, which is like the metabolism of a healthy startup company

yunzhixun team expansion activities

are crushed, crushed and reshaped to break their own boundaries

pengyulong's description of entrepreneurship is very picturesque. I was a typical good child since childhood. I never got into trouble. I learned, grew up and worked smoothly. The biggest adversity I encountered was entrepreneurship. It forces me to constantly break through my limits: expression, communication, management, public relations, sales, etc. I need to challenge myself and break through myself in every field I am not good at, because as a CEO, I must stand up

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