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Cloud computing drives new changes in the IT industry CRM builds an enterprise information ladder

today, with the surging tide of technology, cloud computing is regarded as an industrial revolution in the IT industry, which will drive fundamental changes in working methods and business models. Due to the high technical threshold, high investment cost and lack of services in traditional enterprise informatization applications, the popularization progress of most informatization applications in enterprises is slow. With the increasing maturity and popularization of cloud computing technology, enterprise informatization construction has ushered in a new development opportunity. 800 customers, a well-known cloud computing manufacturer at home and abroad, will lead the development of the overall SaaS market into the fast lane

open the SaaS market and promote the popularization of information technology

with the establishment of user-oriented business philosophy, enterprises gradually pay attention to it. CRM is gradually applied by more and more enterprises. Most enterprises begin to actively deploy customer relationship management systems and strengthen customer service. At the same time, many far sighted enterprises take the deployment of CRM as an opportunity to promote their own informatization construction process

cloud computing has promoted the development of CRM, which is not only reflected in business cost and business agility, but also in creating new business models and market opportunities. Cloud computing drives the CRM industry to actively expand to new areas of frugality, such as SaaS, trusteeship, Sn, which will directly affect the maximum deformation of the experiment and elongation after break s. For example, the CRM of 800 customers is a marketing management, sales management and integrated customer life cycle management tool tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises based on the Internet model

the cloud computing model CRM has incomparable advantages for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. It has changed the previous situation of scattered customer data and realized the unification of customer data, product information and employee data; It greatly reduces the risks of enterprises in the process of information construction, including technology, capital and practicality, and helps small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain high-quality services at a very small cost. For example, enterprises can customize differentiated solutions according to different needs, so as to deploy CRM applications more flexibly

integrate social functions and support mobile terminals

nowadays, mobile technology, social networking and cloud computing are changing the contact methods between people and enterprises in an increasingly large range. With the change of these methods, the corresponding software design and services are constantly changing. Now, mobile and social functions have become the focus of enterprise applications

the support for mobile terminals and the integration of social functions are also hot spots explored by 800 customers, a leading SaaS service CRM manufacturer in China. 800 guest not only launched the enterprise social management platform social enterprise, but also launched the mobile version of social enterprise. It supports iPhone, Android, windows mobile, Symbian and other operating systems, which gives full play to the portability of mobile terminals and allows employees to release information in real time without geographical and time constraints

in addition, the integration of SNS, microblog and other social networks with SaaS CRM software can realize the integration of real-time data and information. The synergy and even the expansion efficiency of sales opportunities brought about by this integration will be greatly improved, which not only solves the dilemma of traditional SNS business model, but also brings new development opportunities to CRM, a new software tool. Using this new CRM system to establish and maintain customer relationship for enterprises will undoubtedly become a new idea for enterprise development

the low-cost deployment and the increasing competitive pressure of users in the process of selecting universal electronic tensile testing machine make SaaS enterprise applications more and more popular, especially small and medium-sized enterprises are more enthusiastic about SaaS products. The emergence of new technologies such as mobile, social networking and cloud computing will also promote the SaaS enterprise application market to become more mature and broad

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