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Cloud contact center software manufacturer incontact serves urban construction (compilation/old Qin): incontact, the leader of cloud contact center software, has signed a procurement contract with a metropolis that has a network center with reliable detection results. According to the company, the flexible and scalable cloud platform of incontact will help the local government meet the demand that the population growth is expected to exceed 30% in the next decade. In order to comply with the relevant agreements, the name of the city has not been disclosed

with the increasing transparency of the government, the government sincerely hopes to meet this demand through public entities. The government's contact center is looking for flexible solutions that can be quickly expanded or reduced to meet their changing needs. When announcing the award of the contract, Paul Jarman, the chief executive officer of contact, said that the company can provide products at any time

as part of the transformation of the city from its aging system to a new system, incontact will provide it with a customizable and flexible cloud computing system

contactcompany's automatic call distributor (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) functions are the core components of contactcompany's cloud platform. They rely on multi routing based on skills to ensure that citizens' needs are handled by the most ideal agents. Government agencies are transforming to the cloud. The screw speed is slowly starting to transition from expensive investment to a cloud solution with many features, such as a more flexible, pay as you go billing model, built-in flexibility, and rapid call activation and home office, incontact said in a statement

as the leader of cloud contact center software, contact helps enterprises around the world create the best experience for customers and contact center employees, which is more personalized, empowered and involved. Incontact's continuous innovation in cloud computing provides enterprises with human resource optimization and the most perfect journey management of enterprise level telecommunications networks

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