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Tengyun summit invited experts and scholars in the field of "science and technology + culture" from around the world to gather in the Forbidden City. On November 29, 2017, it was more popular in overseas markets. The new integration: towards daily science and technology and Humanities and Tengyun summit, jointly organized by Tencent Social Research Center, Tencent next idea innovation platform and the Forbidden City Museum, was held in the Forbidden City, Beijing. At this summit, Tencent, which is positioned as science and technology + culture, elaborated its cultural strategy to the outside system, clarified its cultural positioning and vision, and demonstrated some practices of the integration of science and technology and culture

this summit is part of the 2017 culture + science and Technology International Forum jointly organized by the Palace Museum and Tencent. The forum was supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of culture and the State Administration of cultural relics. During the forum, Tencent and the Palace Museum jointly held the traditional culture x future imagination digital culture and art exhibition

fengnaien, vice president of the Palace Museum, also attended the Tengyun summit and delivered a keynote speech on the cultural road of the digital Palace Museum

the National Palace Museum and Tencent jointly announced the establishment of the National Palace Museum Tencent group joint innovation laboratory

Tencent system output culture strategy

in October this year, Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Tencent group, publicly defined the two key words of Tencent's future strategy - technology and culture for the first time in his speech at Cornell Institute of technology

in this culture + Technology Forum, renyuxin, chief operating officer of Tencent group, and Chengwu, vice president of Tencent group and CEO of Tencent film, elaborated the connotation, mission and vision of technology + culture strategy from different perspectives

in her speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, Ren Yuxin said that as an Internet based technology and culture company, technology and culture will be the most important labels on Tencent in the future. We are in an era of science and technology explosion. All kinds of science and technology are making rapid breakthroughs. These new technologies will have a more and more profound impact on human life. The development of science and technology will also bring about the prosperity of culture, because the power of science and technology will promote culture in all aspects

Ren Yuxin mentioned that Tencent has recently launched a super-resolution technology called TSR, which enables users to enjoy high-definition pictures without downloading the original pictures through AI recognition and restoration. In the future, users can easily browse such huge pictures as the picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. This will effectively promote the dissemination and sharing of traditional culture

standing at the new intersection of science, technology and culture, Tencent will open its own scientific, technological and cultural capabilities, empower its partners, and work together for the great rejuvenation of Chinese civilization in accordance with the requirements of the resolution determination rules for experimental machines in jjg75 ⑵ 008 verification regulation for electronic universal experimental machines. Renyuxin said at the end of his speech

technology is a tool to break the wall of culture, which was the theme of Cheng Wu's speech at the Tengyun summit. He pointed out that it is worth looking forward to what kind of innovation will be brought about by the integration of the Chinese civilization with strong vitality and the Internet technology civilization. The best way to inherit traditional culture is to let it return to daily life, especially the daily life of young people

Cheng Wu emphasized that connection and content are the advantages of Tencent, and also Tencent's starting point in culture. Connecting everything means connecting tradition and the future, connecting elites and the public, connecting youth and art, and connecting culture and technology

Cheng Wu also took the cooperation between the next idea Tencent innovation competition and the Forbidden City, the utilization of traditional cultural elements by Tencent's popular games, and TSR super-resolution technology as examples to illustrate how Tencent can empower humanities with science and technology and illuminate science and technology with humanities

Tencent is also exploring the use of VR glasses, Tencent cloud technology, museum officials and smart tourism to dispatch and guide Dunhuang scenic spots, as well as the use of network animation and network games to interpret the heroes and stories in murals. Tencent has also cooperated with UNESCO to create an open digital library of traditional games, and has begun to record, collect and digitize traditional games. This year, Tencent and the world people's Congress jointly launched the social record of disappearing culture. For this purpose, music has made a special topic of discovering ancient Qiang music. Today, the discoverers and singers of these ancient music also came to the scene of the Tengyun peak meeting in the Forbidden City, bringing their natural sounds to the audience

if Cheng's structure can't bear it, it will cause further damage. Wu also put forward Tencent's plan for the revival of new culture. He said that Tencent will use science and technology to promote the breaking of culture, and use science and technology to help the digitalization and popularization of traditional culture. We will open up these abilities and share them with the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Dunhuang, and more museums, art galleries and other cultural and art institutions. We will provide a complete set of solutions for digitalization and activation of cultural resources and become a connector and converter for the protection, inheritance and innovation of traditional culture

in addition to open sharing, Cheng Wu also pointed out that the development of AI will further emancipate mankind and enable more people to spend time in the co creation and enjoyment of culture and art. Tencent should work with all cultural institutions, scholars and the public to share the power of connection and technology, so that art can fly into the homes of ordinary people

Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent group and CEO of Tencent film, gave a speech on "technology is a tool for breaking the wall of culture" at the 2017 Tengyun summit

new thinking, new discoveries and new practices in the field of technology + humanities

at the Tengyun summit, more than 10 actors who promoted the rapid and slow integration of technology and humanities described their practices and discoveries from different aspects such as cultural inheritance, learning, education, community and research, It presented an ideological feast with diverse views and the integration of science, technology and humanities, which opened the audience's eyes. The themes of the summit include lighting up traditional culture by science and technology, science and technology enabled cultural education, science and technology enabled cultural communication, science and technology and community cultural construction

fengnaien, vice president of the National Palace Museum, delivered a keynote speech at the Tengyun Summit on the future of the digital Palace Museum, sharing the information construction and application practice of the National Palace Museum in the field of culture and Museum in the past 20 years. He said that the digital Forbidden City needs to further enrich its connotation, update its technology, integrate in all directions and create a new museum form

chaogejin, member of the academic department of the Academy of Social Sciences, is an advocate of oral tradition and oral poetics, and an expert in the field of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage protection. He has made many achievements in the study of folk epics. His keynote speech started from the four Chinese epics, including King Gesar, and put forward that the folk culture is vast and boundless, and many rules have been formed in the inheritance from generation to generation. In the past, it was mostly taught orally and face to face. With the progress of technology, there are more convenient means to record, store, describe, spread, carry forward and revive these excellent cultures. In his view, science and technology and humanities need to work together, not replace each other. Science and technology explore in the dark, while humanity shines on the road

in the dialogue session, fengnaien, chaogejin and Chengwu discussed the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture in the digital age, shared their insights and experiences in the integration and innovation of culture + science and technology, and how to promote traditional culture to the daily life of contemporary people

in the part of science and technology empowering culture education, lishilin, an associate professor of Curtin University, together with Wuyan, a science fiction writer, and Yanfeng, a professor of the Chinese Department of Fudan University, discussed hot issues related to science and technology changing the future of education, such as: can robots replace teachers? In the era of machine learning, what changes should human learning make? Will education with new technology reshape human thinking mode and social form

in the part of technology enabled cultural communication, three researchers from Australia, the United States and China respectively discussed what potential popular productivity the use of digital culture will bring? How does social media affect the way young people express themselves and behave? Is it the best way to improve children's network literacy to let children study and help them? John Hartley, an outstanding professor at Curtin University in Australia, put forward the idea that Internet changes learning. He believes that Internet has created open knowledge and open systems, and the professionalism and popularity of knowledge are being transformed. Zoe Papa Charles, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, raised the question whether technology has redefined the way we understand knowledge; Zhanghaibo, director of children's media literacy education center of China Youth Palace Association, described the case of doing Internet research with children

in the part of technology and community culture construction, luojiade, a professor of the Department of Sociology of Tsinghua University who focuses on social theory research, shared the practical case of community construction of Dashilan and proposed that community construction can also be o2o. Through big data and Internet means, it can help communities create blood by themselves, agglomerate people and change their lives. Artist yueluping has a very creative cross-border experience. He once proposed the open source village plan, believing that everything can be open source. In his speech, he discussed the possibility of using Internet to sort out national heritage and museums. Luo Jiade and yueluping then started a dialogue on how small programs and large communities interact in building and building a cultural community in the community, and collided with more creative sparks

the practical road of technology + culture

at the closing ceremony of the forum, the Palace Museum and Tencent jointly announced the establishment of the Palace Museum Tencent group joint innovation laboratory, which was unveiled on the spot. The laboratory will uphold the humanistic spirit, use scientific and technological methods, take the continuation of traditional culture as its own responsibility, explore the application paradigm of advanced digital technology in the field of cultural heritage protection, research and exhibition, and develop and create forward-looking and exemplary examples of digital technology application. Based on Tencent cloud, Tencent will integrate its internal cutting-edge technical teams, including Tencent cloud microenterprises, Youtu laboratory, AI Lab and Zhiling, and jointly explore with the Palace Museum in many fields such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, so as to jointly explore practical intelligent solutions and solid technical support for the sustainable preservation of world cultural heritage

this is another major exploration of Tencent in the field of technology + culture. In recent years, Tencent has continuously released the connecting power of its own technology and platform, promoted the integration of science and technology and humanities, and promoted the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture

in 2016, Tencent started its cooperation with the Forbidden City. Through the next idea Tencent innovation competition, young people are encouraged to give full play to their creativity and use the IP authorized by the National Palace Museum to make expression packs, games and strip diffuse works. Tencent has injected elements and history of the Forbidden City into the game, so that more young people can feel the beauty of traditional culture. For example, Tencent restored the famous architectural landscapes of the Forbidden City, such as the golden water bridge and the Taihe gate, in a game "everyday love elimination", which is suitable for young and old people. The game "miracle warmth" is based on the themes of "the winter court dress of the empress of the Qing Dynasty", "the picture of twelve beauties" and the cultural relics of the heart nourishing hall. Players not only feel the beauty from the Forbidden City, but also follow the game to explore and experience historical stories

in July this year, Tencent made another cross-border attempt in the field of traditional culture, undertook the previous successful experience of cross-border cooperation with the Forbidden City, and released the great wall you make or not plan. Through the two advantage strategic platforms of social networking + content, the Great Wall, the symbol of the Chinese nation, is built into a more dynamic super IP in the new era with the content and form that young people like best, connecting with the life of every individual, especially the life of young groups

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