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Cloud computing makes business more flexible and fast

Harvard Business Review recently interviewed 527 readers from large and medium-sized institutions around the world, including readers from Hong Kong. It found that companies that vigorously promote the use of cloud computing can operate business more flexibly and quickly, thus gaining a competitive advantage. Cloud computing has obviously been recognized as an important part of enterprise computing. 70% of the respondents said that they had used different forms of cloud services, and 74% of the respondents believed that cloud computing had improved the company's competitive advantage

cloud computing brings significant competitive advantages to enterprises

the effect of cloud services is as ideal as expected. Thirty five percent of the respondents are supporters of cloud services. When asked how cloud services can bring competitive advantages to the company, they believe that cloud services can help the company operate its business more flexibly and nimbly, respond to market changes more quickly, speed up the pace of new products and some models, and perhaps more services to enter the market, and shorten the time required to launch new businesses

many cloud supporters said that the ability to access data and cloud resources anytime, anywhere helps promote collaboration and communication between global teams and trading partners, and adds competitive advantages to enterprises. At the same time, respondents overwhelmingly believe that cloud technology can significantly improve operational agility by reducing the complexity of business, and can also simplify complex it operating procedures, thereby reducing costs. The speed of improving employee productivity and giving back to customers is also a self-evident benefit of the cloud

Hong Kong's cloud readiness index

the Hong Kong government has always been forward-looking in promoting technological innovation, and ranks fifth in the region's cloud leadership rankings. With the establishment of the innovation and Technology Bureau and the re implementation of the Digital 21 information technology strategy, the Hong Kong government fully understands the need to protect, promote and strengthen the development of cloud computing and information and communication technology industries, so as to further enhance the leadership of the knowledge-based economy

among the respondents using the cloud, 35% said they used the hybrid cloud, that is, both public and private cloud. 41% of the respondents mainly use private cloud. Even if their cloud environment is provided by a third party, it is not shared with other organizations. A relatively small number of 13% of respondents said that they mainly use the public cloud. In other words, the cloud they use is provided by a third party, has other shared institutions, adopts dynamic configuration, and charges based on usage

cloud computing can help companies improve operational efficiency. Its real benefit is not only to reduce costs, but also to enable companies to seize new opportunities faster than competitors. Companies leading their peers in cloud applications can enhance their competitive edge in overcoming these challenges by simplifying operations, accelerating the pace of launching new business plans, and optimizing the efficiency of employees' information processing since peek was developed by ICI in 1978

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