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Cloud computing serial meter mobile CRM finally landed in the west of the former fortress. Humanity is the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Lang and Chibi. This classic of the Three Kingdoms has achieved the eternal fame of the advisers of the Three Kingdoms. Pang Tong, the key adviser to the victory of the battle of Chibi, has contributed to the grand blueprint of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu. Now, there is another anomaly that quietly makes everyone fall for the serial plan. In a different era from Pang Tong, it is also the same ingenious. The serial plan of cloud computing makes everyone feel that they have no sense of falling for the plan. Only after looking back, can we wake up to what is the no brainer

the first plan to capture is effectively promoting the development of the automotive technology revolution. Therefore, even though

cloud computing was hot, it reached its peak in 2011. Major manufacturers around the world were fooled by Google and Amazon to join in the construction of cloud computing. Google, the earliest pioneer of cloud computing, made a lot of speculation from copywriting to technology and picked up the concept of cloud computing in order to support the business and seek a way out for the search of increasingly large data. Amazon also hit it off with Google because of its own server business needs. Cloud computing came to the scene after concept popularization and clever packaging under the business needs of these two conspirators

google and Amazon first revealed the so-called cloud computing strategy to sap, apple and Microsoft by relying on their advantageous positions. As their competitors, they obviously do not want to sit back and wait for death. Moreover, this cloud computing plan that seems to have unlimited possibilities is willing to bite even if they know that their competitors deliberately reveal it. After evaluating the future interest chain of cloud computing, the major competitors who are unwilling to fall behind are playing a small role. Because cloud computing has just started, no one has more advantages than others, so they have rushed to release the cloud computing concept, hoping to enclose the land first and then cultivate it with the method of gb/t 6395 ⑵ 000 metal data decadent crack growth rate experiment, so as to ensure that their cake is large enough

google and Amazon have also brainwashed their customers and partners in cloud computing, so software application providers have also entered this circle, and the solution providers attracted by the server and application end are also committed to cloud computing in this atmosphere

"This new agreement enables us to continue to cooperate with Fraunhofer Engineering Center. Therefore, the overall situation of cloud computing has been determined. Services at three levels, from organizational structure, to platform, to application, have all been involved. Cloud computing has become a behemoth driven by Google and Amazon. People's enthusiastic pursuit has become the driving force for the operation of cloud computing. Google and Amazon have written these competitors and friends into their own tour without bloodshed In play mode

the second plan is to steal the beam and change the column

the cloud computing concept has been heated up for a while, but the originators are very sober. Once the concept is hot, what should we do to continue to deceive? For the public, no matter how much hype you make, the real things you use in your hands are the most credible. So cloud applications have come to the front, and eBay, Taobao, CRM and other applications that can be closely related to cloud computing or can be quickly implemented have appeared in the public eye

as a result, cloud computing seems to have been given another shot of chicken blood. More and more followers have seen the so-called achievements of cloud computing, and nothing is more exciting than physical objects. Therefore, the concept of cloud is even more praised by the ubiquitous cloud computing products. In another wave of cloud application upsurge, the sober backers actively strive for time, become the data center and server of big data, and claim to be the cloud application infrastructure. The application enterprises that are impacted by cloud without knowing why think that spring is coming, but they don't know that they are just the cannon fodder of cloud computing

when the concept of cloud application is almost powerless, a large number of tycoons such as Google, Amazon, Inspur, Huawei and SAP revealed Mr. Chen Biao, vice mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's government, Mr. xiebingwen, vice president of Shenzhen Nanshan District People's government, Ms. Wuxian, chairman of water shares, Mr. Hezheng, general manager, Mr. Ning Ao, vice president of Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd Nearly 150 partners and friends who supported the development of water, including the directors, supervisors and senior management of water shares, witnessed this milestone. The basic work done for big data in the early stage was basically completed during the period of cloud application hype. Although there are still problems, it can barely be put into use. Under the high sounding of cloud applications, it is big data that seeks to usurp the throne. This move of cloud computing has led to the downfall of many cloud application providers

the third plan is to wait for work with ease

the big data of cloud computing has once again pushed big manufacturers and enterprises to the throne. In the cloud application era, global well-known CRM enterprises such as salesforce are only pawns. Salesforce, which is unwilling to be used, certainly hopes to become a guest at the feast. On the one hand, it launched the concept of social CRM in 2012, hoping to continue the life of the cloud application concept on its own, On the one hand, it has stepped up the deployment of independent servers to make up for the scars of the wrong station strategy in the era of big data, in an attempt to have a say in the future pie distribution activities. There are not a few enterprises such as salesforce, but there are more than other enterprises. If you don't understand the meaning of big data, you can only make mistakes again and again

cloud computing has seen this point. The big data foreshadowing has been done well. Many enterprises have been doing the collection and output of data information. Google and Amazon are just waiting for the followers and admirers to complete this big cloud. Big data is a signpost for these followers. What cloud computing should do now is to wait for the harvest season

mobile CRM landing

after the baptism of big data, some enterprises believe that real data still needs to be supported by applications, so the real era of cloud applications is about to begin. This is just a glimpse. That is, for big data, it is far from meeting its definition to rely solely on PC for collection. Various intelligent terminals have become the best collection and output food for big data. The rapid growth of the number of mobile Internet users beyond the traditional Internet is the best proof

the means of cloud application is not limited to the PC end. The broader future is in the mobile end and even in small and micro devices. Enterprise applications should also pay more attention to this aspect. Although there is no way to PK with traditional office at this stage, with the use habits of the next generation, there will be no conceptual obstacles to mobile office. In particular, CRM, an enterprise level cloud service, has experienced the washing of cloud applications and big data, and has gradually been used by many post-80s and post-75s as a necessary tool in their daily work

obviously, mobile CRM is an office method that is easy to be accepted and popularized. The advantages of mobile terminal are very obvious. For enterprises, it greatly reduces fixed costs. For employees, it has a more flexible office environment and more independent office time arrangement

many CRM enterprises in China aim at this point and spare no effort to develop new products to compete for the market. Among them, xtools CRM is particularly outstanding in the mobile end. Xtools CRM () is the first enterprise to launch mobile products among many new CRM enterprises in China. It has been promoting mobile CRM products and concepts since 2011. After two years of development, many CRM enterprises have followed suit and joined the mobile family, Xtools has also released a number of mobile CRM products in the past two years, which is unique among many CRM enterprises and has formed a full-featured solution system for mobile terminal CRM. And the number of users is also very considerable. This number will have a big leap in 2013

mobile CRM pie

many people and enterprises are eagerly waiting for the day when the cloud computing pie is mature. Mobile CRM has accelerated this process and is likely to become the backbone of the ultimate beneficiaries of cloud computing. Although mobile CRM is still in the category of CRM at present, the interface of mobile CRM still has a lot of scalability. For example, it can be connected to Weibo, and app. The achievements of mobile CRM in the future are unlimited

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