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Redefining the cloud Chinatelecom and Huawei released Tianyi cloud 3.0

on June 30, 2016, Chinatelecom held a press conference to focus on the production of Tianyi cloud products and services such as agricultural greenhouse film, mulch film and seed coating, and jointly released Tianyi cloud 3.0 products and services with Huawei. Tianyi cloud 3.0 has unique advantages in cloud convergence, security assurance and comprehensive customized services. It is an intelligent cloud closer to customer needs

wuhequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Xu Yu, director of the Information Development Bureau of the central information office, Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom Corporation, gaotongqing, deputy general manager of China Telecom Corporation, xuzhijun, rotating CEO of Huawei, and other guests attended and addressed the conference. More than 400 important guests from central authorities and units directly under the central government, large enterprises, academic institutions, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government attended and witnessed the release of Tianyi cloud 3.0

the launch of Tianyi cloud 3.0, which better understands the needs of government and enterprise customers, further improves the functions and performance of Tianyi cloud's basic products and meets users' needs in business deployment, self-service management, etc. At the same time, by providing differentiated products such as physical machines and exclusive cloud, we can fully meet the needs of government and enterprise customers in terms of security, high performance and exclusive resources

cloud Convergence: Tianyi cloud 3.0 adopts an innovative cloud convergence mode, and provides the network to users as a configurable and on-demand service by building a cloud management end collaboration and cloud convergence network + cloud infrastructure. The cloud resource layout that is closer to users and more suitable for cross domain deployment allows users to have one point of access, multi-point deployment and full service

security and credibility: Tianyi cloud 3.0 realizes the overall end-to-end security of network, terminal, data, application, management, service, etc. In terms of core products such as virtual machine and cloud storage, Tianyi cloud 3.0 has been comprehensively upgraded to meet the requirements of government and enterprise customers for high performance and high reliability of cloud products, as well as diversified application scenarios. Chinatelecom has also actively carried out extensive cooperation with the industrial chain, built a security alliance with leading enterprises in various industries, and worked together to provide customers with all-round high-level security cloud services

exclusive Customization: Tianyi cloud 3.0 provides government and enterprise customers with full process customized services from consulting, design, migration, implementation to maintenance. Users can flexibly choose various cloud service modes including public cloud, exclusive cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud according to their needs. On the one hand, according to the application characteristics of different industries, build industry-specific cross domain networks; On the other hand, it provides on-demand access, on-demand bandwidth and other optional services to provide highly personalized configuration for users deployed across domains. At the same time, China Telecom has a strong technical expert team and an exclusive customer service team for government and enterprises. Through a perfect professional service system and rich practical experience, it has achieved localized and personalized services

the combination of the strong and the strong to make joint efforts

Chinatelecom has been deeply involved in the government enterprise market for many years, and has a deep understanding of the business needs and development strategies of government enterprise customers. It has inherent advantages in the universality of channels, the security and professionalism of services. As a unified provider of cloud, network and data services, Chinatelecom provides one-stop services for government and enterprise customers, provides carrier level commitment and SLA guarantee in terms of service reliability and information data security, and builds a cloud that makes government and enterprise customers feel more at ease. Over the past four years of operation, Tianyi cloud under Chinatelecom has provided cloud and big data services for tens of thousands of government agencies, educational institutions, medical institutions, financial institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, multinational corporations, mass entrepreneurship and innovation parks and individual customers all over the world. Four basic products, including cloud host, object storage, block storage product production cost improvement and load balancing, have passed the trusted cloud certification of the data center alliance, It has won many big cloud service awards such as government affairs cloud and education cloud, the best enterprise cloud solution, the best security cloud business, etc

Huawei, as the world's leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, adheres to continuous innovation. It has a considerable technical reserve at the basic level of cloud computing. Huawei has deployed its capabilities in the global IT technology field, exchanged and cooperated with top scientific research institutions in the industry. At the same time, Huawei's powerful ICT cloud infrastructure solutions and domestic first-class security defense systems provide customers with solid technical support and security guarantee

the cooperation between Chinatelecom and Huawei is a strong combination of independent intellectual property core technologies and operational capabilities. By comprehensively upgrading technologies, comprehensively improving service quality, and comprehensively innovating business products, we can further enhance the core competitiveness of Tianyi cloud, better meet the personalized and multi-level cloud needs of the society, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the cloud industry

central enterprises' commitment and: redefining the cloud

with the advent of the era of intelligent services, Chinatelecom will further promote enterprise transformation and upgrading (transformation 3.0), focus on the two basic services of 4G and optical broadband and five advantageous areas including cloud and big data, focus on promoting network intelligence, business ecology and operation intelligence, lead the digital ecology, become a leading comprehensive intelligent information service operator, and build a network power, Serve the society and people's livelihood

in the future, Chinatelecom will further cooperate with industry chain partners to promote the in-depth integration of cloud services and the needs of various industries, jointly build cloud services, become the main force of information security, and escort the Internet +

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