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Cloud has become a key business of Oracle

Wall Street has regarded Oracle as a proven cloud computing company, but is worried about whether the company's cloud computing business is growing fast enough to offset the decrease in enterprise license revenue. At Oracle's cloudworld this week, Oracle will try to prove that this fear is unnecessary

according to the prediction of some analysts, Oracle is approaching the decisive moment of cloud computing business. The company is making a major shift to the lease based business model, and has begun to have enough users to prove itself

the cloudworld event of this enterprise application and data center company will kick off in New York on Wednesday (January 20). Cloudworld is a series of regional activities in which Oracle invites enterprises and business decision makers to learn about their cloud computing products. Last year, Oracle introduced how it will make its software easier to use and maintain

this year, Oracle has allowed more customers to testify. For enterprise software, success stories are very important, because enterprises in many industries will follow each other. At the same time, the beautiful stories told by customers can help prove that Oracle is a cloud computing provider. Wall Street has regarded Oracle as a cloud computing company that can directly conduct complex statistical analysis on the machine's human-computer interface. However, it is worried about whether the company's cloud computing business is growing fast enough to offset the reduction of enterprise license revenue. Oracle's second quarter results were mixed

the game is clear for Oracle. As time goes on, it turns its customers to its cloud computing products. The company faces a challenge from salesforce. COM, workday, and a host of other competitors are all eyeing oracle. However, there is evidence that Oracle can transform and retain its customers. Davidhagan, CEO of boingowireless, has upgraded from greatplains to Oracle's enterprise planning cloud. Oracle won Hagan because the company's enterprise cloud can be integrated with its traditional on premises financial planning tools, and boingo uses Oracle's traditional on premises financial planning tools. It took six months to upgrade, and Hagan, an old hand who has experienced many traditional enterprise resource planning projects, found that Oracle used HV (5) 0A Vickers hardness tester to conduct diamond hardness test e, which is different from before

Oracle's cloud service is still very large, but it will now use existing customers as a foothold and expand from this as a starting point

at the analyst meeting held last Tuesday, Oracle disclosed the following information through holgermueller, an analyst at constellation research:

after too long-term development,

acle is promoting its data as a service as a large category

2. The company's cloud is entirely based on restapis

acle regards human capital management, ERP and supply chain as an important beachhead of cloud computing

4. From Black Friday to Monday, Oracle's cxcloud sent more than 1billion verification emails

acle has been focusing on integration and implementation support. Every customer will have a successful expert, and Oracle has an integrationcloudservice to tie everything together

6. The traditional on premises deployment scheme is a fulcrum of Oracle cloud computing. The company bet that pre built integrations would retain customers

7. CEO markhurd said that platform as a service is a major opportunity for the company, while software as a service is accelerating

some analysts began to think that oracle was a promising cloud computing company. Stifel analyst bradreback said in a research report recently:

with the growing list of cloud business reference customers (both acquired through acquisition and expanded), as well as the PAAS business growing faster than expected, we believe that Oracle's cloud computing business has a good prospect, which is a good proof that the company's winning rate in the face of SaaS competitors continues to improve. We expect that saas/paas bookings will remain strong due to several reasons, including: 1) Oracle has more saas/paas products available for sale; 2) Oracle continuously introduces new products into new fields; 3) Oracle can more effectively target various devices such as a/d converters in China and adopt the latest technology end market, which it could not do before. 4) Oracle has more experienced sales personnel; And 5) Oracle has more reference customer base

for reback, Oracle is approaching an inflection point, and the company's cloud product revenue growth is about to accelerate. If the cloud business continues to maintain its current momentum, Oracle will be able to complete the cloud transformation. This wave of transformation is driven by Adobe, followed by many other manufacturers

btig analyst joelfishbein said in a research report that he believes that the decisive moment of Oracle cloud computing is coming. Fishbein said that although there is still competition in this field, we believe that orcl will be one of the few SaaS solutions that can be selected from the perspective of products (a complete set of applications spanning ERP, CRM and HCM) and enterprise customers

cloudworld will provide a reason to check Oracle's cloud computing work and make it clear that the company is moving forward. The first thing to note is that the company is progressing smoothly

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