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The cloud data center has transformed the traditional media production mode into all media

media, as the disseminator of information, has been endowed with more functions and values with the development of Internet. Many new media forces have emerged. New media is attached to the attribute characteristics of the Internet, which is more personalized in the form of expression. At the same time, because the information comes from users, the release of information is also more timely. With the social characteristics and the deepening of aluminum applications in the automotive lightweight field, China Zhongwang cooperates with customers in depth to enable new media to allow users to participate. These attributes have exerted great pressure on traditional media. Because traditional media has a larger body, the combination of adjustment and interconnection of original resources is not as light as new media, so the transformation of traditional media is also very complicated

at the recent peak 882.6 conference of Phoenix Satellite TV's Huawei all media cloud data center, Huawei provided support for Phoenix Satellite TV's transformation. Through the cloud data center, traditional TV media can give full play to their original content advantages and have the interconnection attribute, entering the all media era

2+7 distributed cloud data center

in 2012, Phoenix Satellite TV proposed a 2+7 data center deployment plan. 2 refers to Beijing and Hong Kong, and 7 refers to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Washington, forming a global service system. However, BG Quanyi, general manager of large enterprise solutions from Huawei, pointed out that although there are data centers around the world, the business development is chimney like, and each business department is an independent business system, it resources and network resources. In fact, we hope that all kinds of information can be fused together to make good articles. However, each system used to be a chimney, which does not match the current production method. Therefore, the it design department of Phoenix Satellite TV hopes to transform and build an integrated platform

general manager of large enterprise solutions of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and BG all in one of Huawei enterprises

how to support it? All in one presentation: first, the communication and resource layers are integrated, and cloud computing virtualization is used to integrate them. On this basis, each business unit is superimposed. In this way, the business unit does not need to be bundled with it resources. It can develop the business freely and mobilize resources flexibly, which supports the demand of Phoenix Satellite TV for rapid business growth. Therefore, this time, Huawei has provided a cloud based solution. Through Huawei's cloud operating system fusion sphere, the original data center resources of Phoenix Satellite TV are pooled to connect the resources. Chenshijun, President of the data center solutions Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said that the cloud data center architecture brings benefits. First, with the continuous growth or explosive growth of media data, it was not necessary to build the data center to such a large scale in the early stage due to investment reasons. In the early days, the Phoenix Center existed in the form of modules, but the capacity expansion can be smoothly superimposed with the growth of business volume and data. Based on the pre-set cloud software and fusionsphere operating system, it can support smooth superimposition. For the growth of business, its output and demand are constantly increasing. In terms of architecture, efficient utilization of resources is the first consideration

from the media point of view, we also consider the 2+7 structure, how to quickly establish a resource pool with large data and elastic scalability. For example, there is a major event in Beijing that requires sports or other data resources. If you do not need such a large amount of information in the original resources, build a relatively small resource pool. When a large resource pool is temporarily required, resource pools in different places, such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taipei, can be shared and mobilized to maximize the resource efficiency and utilization of the data center

chenshijun, President of the data center solutions Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

changing the production mode and getting through all media

the change in resource mode brought about by the cloud data center is not only the improvement in performance, but also the change in the mode of media production content. Wangjianxin, Phoenix IT technology director, has a deep understanding of this: our original intention to build this data center is to establish an all media strategy. 3) the core competitive point of pen and paper on the installed automatic plotter is the production of content, not just the release. As for content, video content is a circular value chain, which is a process from production, productization, release to socialization. The main competitiveness is production, and production itself means data analysis and the establishment of data relations. This is our core competitiveness. At present, the data center in Beijing has completed the construction of the bottom layer, with a total of three layers: the first layer is the data layer, which relies on Huawei's storage capacity to do data management in the case of large capacity; The second layer is the system layer, which is used for fault tolerance. It includes two aspects: one is to ensure that the system is stable at the macro level, and the other is easy to construct, which can be compatible with other products; The third layer is the business layer. With regard to the exertion of data value analysis, this layer has an easy goal. It has two meanings. First, it makes it easy for, media people and new media, including studios and we media, to use this system. Second, it means change. It can accommodate the changes of various forms of media. In line with the Phoenix global vision, inclusive and open concept

the direct effect of the change in production mode, wangjianxin said: from the perspective, it is distributed all over the world. When the resources are not available, for example, to interview the film flowers of the film festival in Cannes, France, how to process the documents may have to be transferred to Beijing. At present, most of them adopt the method of sending e-mails. After they are sent to Beijing, the corresponding Beijing will be sent to the system, and then they will be made, cut, published through the system. The efficiency is very low. However, after getting through, unified production and management can be carried out, which is equivalent to the direct release to the business system in Cannes, including the direct use of cloud transcoding on the cloud, such as the transcoding of photos or handheld devices. In addition, Phoenix Satellite TV has built a station based all-time studio. The station itself can mobilize resources to do broadcasting programs in the studio. The program can not only be broadcast on, but also be broadcast live on TV in real time, which is the characteristic of the all media era

wangjianxin, Phoenix IT technical director

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