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[door and window Agency] door and window shopping malls are now in a relatively sophisticated stage of development, showing a situation of "talking about the country by brand". There are many brands in shopping malls, especially big brands, which account for half of the country. While door and window agency enterprises are in the stage of development, their brand influence is not strong, and it is difficult to attract dealers. Investment attraction has become a problem

breaking the traditional approach

door and window agent enterprises should also comply with the trend of the information age, break the traditional approach, use the Internet with cost saving, strong purpose and high success rate, and test the Internet investment and investment outsourcing services. Through newer and more sophisticated methods, attract more interested businessmen to move forward with the company. Of course, the brand, quality, service, logistics and policy advantages of door and window agents are also the key to winning investment

useful use of capital

people are the primary productive forces. The key to doing a good job of investment promotion lies in the investment promotion personnel. As for investment promotion personnel, door and window agent enterprises need to carry out systematic training and management. They need to have a good understanding of the door and window industry. In addition to understanding their own goods, ways, price system and market advantages, they should also be familiar with these aspects of competitive products and be able to make comparative analysis to potential dealers

now there is still a lot of room for door and window shopping malls to develop, and there are many new markets for doors and windows with great potential. It is worthwhile for door and window agents to spend some energy on attracting investment in these blank shopping malls

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