50000 to build a new Chinese wedding house in a ha

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The new Chinese style design, which combines modern fashion elements with classical Chinese style, is luxurious and introverted, allowing residents to stay with beauty most of the time at home. Next, let's go with Xiaobian to have a look at the decoration effect drawing of the 60 square meter wedding room with two bedrooms and one living room below to further understand the connotation of this new Chinese style

decoration owner files:

decoration community; Happy era (more happy era community decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Decoration bidding decoration cost: half a package of 50000 decoration style: new Chinese style decoration house type: two rooms and one living room area: 60 square meters

the design of the living room adopts a large number of Chinese Red elements. Every furniture and ornaments here are full of Chinese classical beauty, and every one is so exquisite. Coupled with dark oak bookshelves, it is atmospheric and calm. The rigorous craftsmanship of classical furniture combines the touching temperament of ancient and modern times. The implicit and elegant tone improves the quality of the room. And this simple space becomes dynamic and jumping due to the ingenious existence of the smooth stair shape. Fresh green plants are added to bring a little natural flavor

the pink washstand countertop is particularly eye-catching in this small white bathroom. The gorgeous and romantic colors not only enhance the effect of space decoration design, but also create a romantic atmosphere and make life more emotional in an instant. The silver white metal table lamp next to the mirror above the washstand is shaped into an inverted V shape with characteristics. The blue tone decorative painting on the white background wall opposite the mirror is full of childlike fun, inadvertently adding more interest to the room

the bedroom is the most intimate space with people, and it is also the most personalized place for male and female hosts. More free space is needed to create a world of two people, and the control of light can well adjust the atmosphere. Thick brown wooden floor, orange big bed, come here you will be surrounded by thick warmth, the moonlight through the linen gauze curtain oblique shot into the room, the spring like music is flowing, here, you can experience this beauty, find the belonging of the soul

the kitchen design of the new Chinese style has a little European flavor. The overall cabinet is a very practical modern kitchen furniture design, during which Chinese traditional Confucian culture is added to show the elegant style of the space, and the cultural connotation is very consistent with the living habits and aesthetic interests of the homeowner. Only by digging into the innermost feelings of the homeowner can the atmosphere be played properly. Memory needs a carrier. Have you ever thought that only the most original materials and styles can best reflect the most original needs of your heart

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