Wuhan decoration costs have risen again

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"Why did the decoration cost rise again? The decoration cost only 100000 years ago, but now it costs more than 20000." Yesterday, the owner of Guanlan international community called the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

every spring is the time when decoration prices rise intensively. Recently, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network learned from the home decoration building materials exhibition that with the rise of labor and material costs, the decoration costs of Wuhan decoration company this year have a slight upward trend compared with previous years. The head of one of the top ten decoration companies in Wuhan said that the decoration price of the all inclusive model in 2014 increased by nearly 500 yuan/㎡ compared with last year, from 750-800 yuan/m2 to 1250-1300 yuan/㎡. Another well-known decoration company also said that the price has increased slightly this year. The price of decorating a 100 square meter house is about 3000-5000 yuan higher than last year

it is understood that the main reason for the rise in decoration costs is the rise in labor and material costs. Last year, the labor day was 280-300 yuan, and this year it has risen to 300-350 yuan, with an additional 400 yuan a day. In terms of material cost, wood core board was 138 yuan/square meter last year, and this year it has risen to 150 yuan/square meter





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