Disadvantages of winter decoration and Solutions

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As the Spring Festival approaches, many friends choose to decorate their homes in winter and live in new houses before the Spring Festival. Fortunately, the winter in the south is not too cold, and this wish can be realized. However, as the construction conditions of decoration in winter are worse than those in other seasons, there are many problems to be paid attention to. Although we don't have to decorate by ourselves, knowing relevant common sense can minimize the adverse factors of decoration in winter. Here are some tips for you

low temperature is the primary enemy of winter decoration. Low temperature plus strong wind will have a great impact on building materials, such as woodworking. Low temperature will cause cracking and make the construction of wall paint and ceramic tiles difficult

counter weapons: keep the room temperature stable

many decoration projects have construction temperature restrictions, such as paint or glue projects, which generally require the room temperature to be about 5 degrees Celsius, otherwise quality problems will occur. Therefore, in winter decoration, we must control the room temperature and do not open and close the windows frequently. If we want to open the windows for ventilation, we should also pay attention to the length of time. Generally, it will not affect the construction within 30 minutes, but if it is windy, we must not open the windows, especially in the middle of the construction. The decoration construction is best carried out under relatively stable temperature conditions, otherwise the building materials will have problems, especially in the early and medium-term, the change of room temperature may deform some building materials. For household heating users who can control their room temperature, they should also pay attention to maintaining a basically constant indoor temperature, and do not adjust the temperature too low because no one is at night. To some extent, it doesn't matter that the decoration temperature is low in winter. As long as it is within the normal range, it will not have a great impact on the construction quality. The most afraid thing is that the temperature is high and low


drying will crack and deform the wood commonly used for decoration. If the wall paint is constructed under too dry conditions, problems such as cracking and color paint blooming will often occur in the second year

counter weapons: heat and moisturize building materials

materials cannot be stacked at vents in winter decoration, such as windows, gates, etc., to avoid the harm caused by inadvertent dry air; Attention should also be paid not to stack the decoration materials too close to the radiator and other heating equipment, so as to avoid their deformation due to uneven heating, and on the other hand, reduce the possibility of their over drying. For large and delicate wood, paint sealing treatment should also be done if conditions permit. Paint sealing treatment can not only reduce the loss of water, but also prevent pollution. How about killing two birds with one stone

in a word, it is best to buy wood for decoration in winter in advance and put it indoors for 3-5 days before using, so that its moisture content is close to the indoor humidity level, so as to ensure that the wood does not deform. For the construction humidity range of other building materials, you should carefully check the product manual or consult relevant experts. If not, you must use a humidifier to moisturize. Also, as mentioned above, if the interior is too dry, the wall must be humidified before painting


correct construction can avoid many sequelae, such as the most common heat expansion and cold contraction. Thermal expansion and cold contraction will cause wall cracking, floor warping, and even lead to serious problems such as hollowing and falling off of ceramic tiles and floor tiles

counter weapons: pay attention to "large-scale" construction

the most important thing in winter construction is joints. For example, when laying the floor, the plate will be in a shrinking state due to low temperature. If it is installed too closely, it will expand in summer, causing deformation because it does not extend enough joints to the plate; There is also this problem in tiling and painting the wall, so we must carry out large-scale construction, leaving enough expansion joints. Generally, about 2mm expansion joints should be left around the wooden floor, and 0.2mm ceramic tiles

another problem is that the construction must not start until the temperature of the material is similar to the indoor temperature. The floor is the same, as are ceramic tiles and floor tiles, but it should be noted that when pasting ceramic tiles and floor tiles in winter, the water temperature for soaking bricks should not be too low. Too low water temperature will cause the ceramic tiles to absorb slurry water during bonding, resulting in weak bonding with cement, resulting in hollowing and falling off





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