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P & G: confidence in China's investment and development will never waver

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the "memory of SARS" seventeen years ago made P & G quickly adjust its emergency plan in the early stage of the covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, P & G, taking advantage of its advantages as a multinational company, gave priority to domestic enterprises to supply the production protective masks stored in some factories in Southeast Asia, which played an important role in the resumption of production under extremely difficult circumstances

before SARS, the supply chain emergency plan was mature

in 2003, SARS broke out, and the epidemic situation in Guangzhou was severe. At that time, P & G had entered China for more than ten years, and had two production bases in Guangzhou to provide customers with complete solutions, the largest distribution center and the headquarters in Greater China. The sudden attack of SARS made P & G in trouble, but this special experience also made P & G more calm in the face of the epidemic this time

after the outbreak of novel coronavirus, P & G immediately launched the company's crisis response mechanism in accordance with the policy guidelines issued by the State Council, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City and other governments at all levels. In terms of supply chain business organization, the company immediately realized the need to do a good job in prevention and control, and took the initiative to adjust the production plan at the stage of epidemic development. According to the work requirements arranged by the government, the health and safety of consumers and employees of the company are put in the first place, and the production lines and workshops are temporarily suspended during the Spring Festival holiday. In addition to health protection in accordance with regulations and P & G's internal guidelines, the company also carried out comprehensive disinfection to ensure safety

at the same time, taking the supply chain as an extension, P & G should make overall communication with upstream and downstream business partners, wholesale and retail channels, etc. it is required not only to ensure that the enterprise's own prevention and control work is in place, but also to help and support partners to actively do a good job in prevention and control work

P & G believes that the supply chain is a precise, complete and scientific organization 2 Halogen free flame-retardant PP chain can affect the whole body. The work should stand ahead, think comprehensively, check and make up for deficiencies, so as to actively make comprehensive preparations to ensure supply on the premise of ensuring prevention and control in place on the whole

in addition, P & G seized the synergy of multinational enterprises, actively sought material reserves through foreign channels, and helped P & G entities in China raise necessary materials for prevention and control through the cooperation of overseas brother companies under the situation that it was difficult to purchase protective materials in the short term in the international market, such as the production protective masks stored in some factories in Southeast Asia, which were given priority to domestic enterprises, although the number was extremely limited, However, under difficult circumstances, it also played a great role in preparing the factory for returning to work in advance

in this epidemic, P & G's supply chain emergency plan has been relatively mature and can be started quickly to cope with changes. At the same time, the supply chain planning coordination center and the digitalization of supply chain information enable it to minimize the impact of the epidemic on its overall planning and operation. During the Spring Festival, when most employees work at home, the overall operation of the supply chain is carried out smoothly

confidence in China's investment and development will never waver

the epidemic once triggered international discussions on the future development of China's "world factory". P & G believes that with the efforts of the government and all sectors of society, the epidemic has been effectively controlled. The epidemic is temporary. P & G will continue to arrange production and project plans in an orderly manner, deeply cultivate the Chinese market, and never waver in its confidence in China's investment and development

the epidemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for the whole industry. The epidemic has significantly enhanced the health awareness of the whole people, and people's health consumption has also increased significantly. As a consumer goods company rooted in China for more than 30 years, P & G will adhere to the consumer centered principle, provide consumers with better products and services, and beautify their lives

P & G holds a positive attitude towards China's long-term economic trend and market opportunities as always. It is believed that under the leadership of the Chinese government, the epidemic will soon be overcome and the vitality of the market will be activated again. P & G also said that it would seize the opportunity and work harder for Chinese consumers. What should we do? Comprehensively sort out the existing processes and bring more product and service experiences to consumers

as of March 3, P & G China has donated more than 16.4 million with its brands. These donated materials, on the one hand, are urgently needed products for medical staff and patients in key areas of the epidemic, such as antibacterial Shufujia hand sanitizer, hushubao women's hygiene products, adult diapers and other products; On the other hand, after learning that Wuhan fangcang hospital was in urgent need of sanitary products after its opening, we rushed to prepare shampoo, bath, oral hygiene and other products

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