Train more people with less money

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Train more people with less money

in today's economic situation, how can the Education Department of enterprises train more people with less money. An article was published, which supported many enterprises with high parameter testing products, and all of them were recruited by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

the first move constitutes a strong synergy and provides teaching opportunities to more organization members. You know, the best way to learn is to teach others

second, ask the managers of other departments whether anyone in their team voluntarily participates in the instructor training course to help expand the team of trainers

the third trick is to give a new employee (even if he has just left school) an opportunity to teach others, which may be your best time or money investment. You can ask them to tell you what they learned before they came here to work

the fourth trick is to allow employees to cover the excess part of the original data in sequence, launch an excuse and means learning project to shift the cost of Ben Gali to the downstream, tell you what they want to learn, and then openly recruit lecturers with professional knowledge in this field in-house. (end)

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