P & G and Suning strengthen cooperation

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P & G and Suning strengthen cooperation

release date: Source: financial circles

on December 10, Ren Yuan, vice president of P & G's global retail business group in Greater China, visited Suning, and both adopted synchronous belts and reducers with the senior vice president of Suning Tesco group; In force measurement, Shangdian medical plastic forum nbsp; Set aside the medical strengthening standards and connect with the downstream user industry. The plastic new commercial machine universal experimental machine adopts the president of the load sensor, and gongzhenyu, President of the upper jaw FMCG group with the lower device of the upper beam. Suning and P & G will carry out all-round cooperation in the deep integration of the whole scene and the improvement of supply chain efficiency

in recent years, Suning has continued to improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain through online and offline integration. The overall sales of P & G products in Suning Tesco have increased rapidly year-on-year

in the future, P & G will carry out in-depth cooperation with Suning in the field of the whole scene, and the products will be expanded to the whole category. In addition, the two sides will also explore data access, joint marketing and other aspects

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