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Editor's note: the emergence of ultra-high-end products has subverted the traditional marketing model. High end products no longer take great pains to develop the market, but let consumers actively adapt to this product

in China, there is a story of "buying a coin and returning a pearl". Customers do not hesitate to pay a lot of money to buy products in order to get exquisite packaging boxes. It shows the importance of packaging for products. It adds tangible and intangible value to products. It is a powerful marketing tool and the embodiment of product grade. Wuliangye Millennium Dragon wine, Swiss gold watch, etc. are all the perfect combination of high-end products and exquisite packaging

adaptability is the core rule

with the development and change of market demand, the positioning of packaging should also change. When an increasingly large affluent group is willing to pay for the quality, reputation, status and identity brought by packaging, high-end packaging is bound to develop in the direction of ultra-high end

with the brutal competition in the Baijiu market and the continuous segmentation of the product market in the past two years, super high-end packaging has begun to take shape. "Shuijingfang collection" and "jinjiannan cylinder" are examples of these high-end packaging. The market price of their products has soared from 300 or 400 yuan at the high end to more than 2000 yuan, but both high-end packaging and ultra-high-end packaging must follow the law of "adaptability", that is, "catering to consumer preferences"

only by constantly creating and meeting the needs and preferences of consumers can we find the blank spots in the market. In this regard, the "Suyuan Yanghe liquor" of Jiangsu Suyuan Liquor Co., Ltd. can be said to have achieved the ultimate. First of all, its liquor quality is brewed according to the latest national Luzhou flavor Baijiu standard, using Yanghe Centennial cellar liquor as the base liquor. In order to reflect the honor of its ultra-high-end packaging, Mr. it (Martin fayite), an internationally famous modeling and process design master, was specially hired to personally design its crystal bottle packaging, which was produced by the world's largest crystal bottle manufacturing company - Czech B.C.T. its exquisite technology was specially tailored for successful people

this diamond shaped crystal bottle is handmade and produced. Its elimination rate reaches 70%. The cost price of each wine bottle is more than $100. The production of 1000 bottles is limited every year, and the bottom pattern of each bottle is replaced by the zodiac sign of that year. The noble diamond bottle has no trace of baked flowers on it, and the bottle is hung high on the bottleneck, thus retaining the purity and lasting implication of diamonds. The design of the bottle body and the bottle cap can be said to be the perfect combination of fashion and personalization. When the bottle cap is rotated and placed on the table, you will be surprised to find that the bottle neck and the bottle cap are originally two diamonds of different sizes and shapes. The color of the wine bottle is natural diamond and golden brown, which are popular internationally. Its noble color and personalized design all highlight the perfect celebrity life

this is the core principle of super high-end Baijiu packaging, which is difficult to replicate and surpass

personalization is the basic rule

today's Baijiu market shows a consumption trend of "high-end, personalized, diversified and professional". Its purpose is to adapt to the market on the surface, but in essence, it is to realize the product selection of consumers

the segmentation of the channel market accurately targets the products on certain specific groups, that is, to meet the special needs of this group of people, which are particularly strong and smooth. The phenomenon of selecting customers for products has gradually faded

only by daring to do something unusual or unique, and trying completely different new things, can enterprises and their public have different feelings and tastes

"Suyuan Yanghe" is making such a bold attempt in the Chinese Baijiu market. It adopts a subversive marketing idea, shifting from the widely recognized "market chooses products" to "product chooses the market", which makes it true 3 Lubricant 4. The long-term anti-wear test after the sample is broken is just suitable for the brand, the rotation of the test piece of this machine. The consumers of this wine and this packaging are driven by machinery and electricity. They not only enjoy the culture of super high-end Baijiu, but also get satisfaction with its identity, status, self-worth and other spiritual aspects, so that consumers can truly feel that this wine is tailor-made for him and that it is "tasting wine", Instead of "drinking" in the traditional sense

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