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As one of the three major drinks in the world, hecangfu tea gift box packaging appreciation

tea is the same respect of China's proud nation, and it is also a necessity for our daily leisure drinking and hospitality. Hunan black tea, known as the mysterious tea on the ancient Silk Road, has a profound cultural heritage after thousands of years of accumulation. The standard block used to calibrate the durometer in hezang Fu tea, a black tea treasure, can't be used on both sides. In addition to the higher quality of the selected materials and the more refined production technology, the packaging is also based on the dynamometer ring). It starts to verify China and culture, with harmony as the core. Hezang Fu Tea pursues harmony in both quality and taste, and shines with the most sincere light in Chinese culture. Therefore, the consciousness of harmony and Tibet has also become the core of the black tea culture of Weidu industry, and makes it reveal its fragrance in the market in the relative transformation of time and space for a long time

compared with Zen Erh Fu tea, which is positioned as a fashionable family, hezang Fu Tea pursues a sense of heaviness, and the entire outer packaging is more used to carry China's long-standing, heavy and culture. The packaging of hezang Fu tea gift box adopts classical and elegant gift box design, with generous style, bearing and high-end. It is equipped with tea knife and tea Town, which shows a noble life whether it is making friends or tasting with public goods. Hezang Fu tea is as iron in color and amber in soup, with abnormal fragrance; Taste, first astringent, then sweet, then mellow. Sipping, there is not only the leisure of "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence", but also the freedom of "walking, watching water, sitting and watching clouds". Whether it's a person's little comfort, or the big excitement of three or five confidants, you can taste the life of Baiwei from this cup of water, taste the heart to heart after more than 5000 years of experience, and even go deep into the blood and culture of every Chinese

a sip in the wind has a long aftertaste, and a cup of tea has a thousand years of love. Wei Du and Zang Fu tea are designed to treat the guests of the world and contain the God of harmony. With harmony and harmony, with harmony as the top, we can share the product and Tibetan consciousness with you

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