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Thirty percent of Shencheng's Spring Festival garbage is packaging

although four ministries and commissions issued an announcement last year to impose restrictions on over packaged "sky high price" moon cakes, we saw during the Spring Festival holiday that over packaging and extravagance and waste have not been curbed

packaged gifts are hot during the Spring Festival

during the Spring Festival, everything is sold piece by piece, box by box. For example, apples should be put into hexagonal boxes with ribbons and colored threads, and oranges should be put into boxes and baskets

not only fruits, but also cigarettes, alcohol, candy and health care products that are "dressed" and packaged during the festival sell better and faster than those without packaging. On the sixth day of the first month, I saw in a supermarket in Huanggu District that many citizens had oneortwo such goods in their shopping carts. In a very conspicuous place in the supermarket, I even saw small plastic baskets containing sugar oranges, each priced at 16 yuan

"it doesn't have much money. It looks good!" In the face of questions, many consumers understand the over packaged gift style goods and think it is a common thing

the excessive packaging waste is amazing

it is found that a box of beautifully packed chocolates with a mascot of the year of the dog is five or six yuan higher than the price of a normal box of chocolates; A set of Baijiu with exquisite packaging and gifts costs dozens of yuan higher than ordinary Baijiu; The price of fruit is doubled because of boxes and boxes. In other words, when people buy goods, they are also paying for fancy packaging

after these beautifully packaged goods are purchased by people, the value of the packaging will be greatly reduced when they are taken home or sent to relatives and friends. Because most of the packaging materials will be collected and treated as household garbage and ordinary garbage. According to statistics, during the eight day holiday of the Spring Festival, the volume of packaging waste accounted for about one third of the 40000 tons of domestic waste cleaned up by the environmental sanitation department

in other words, the packaging materials originally bought with a few to dozens of yuan are worthless after they become household garbage

garbage collection points are packed in mountains

during the Spring Festival, many garbage collection points in the city have a very prosperous business. REGGIANI confirmed that on the eighth day of the first month (February 5), he saw various gift packages piled into hills in a waste purchase station

the owner told that on New Year's Eve, his highest record was the collection of nearly 100 cars of waste fireworks and firecracker boxes in a community. Compared with collecting waste fireworks boxes, he is more willing to collect waste packaging cartons. Because such cartons, intact, can be taken to some fruit wholesale departments and sold to fruit traders at a price of 80 cents or even higher. Even incomplete and damaged ones that have been purchased in large quantities due to the large-scale construction of China's high-speed railway can also be recycled as waste paper

scientific recycling is the best policy

Shenyang takes Heilongjiang as an example. The relevant person in charge of the environmental protection department said that the recycling of such scattered waste purchase stations is different from the environmental protection recycling advocated by the environmental protection department. Many small business owners simply pursue economic benefits and ignore the environment. Because there is no recycling value for plastic, ethylene and other packaging materials, individual owners usually choose to dispose of them arbitrarily, which will cause secondary waste and pollution

it is reported that from now on, Shenyang will speed up the pace of domestic waste recycling. It is estimated that by 2010, more than 600 tons of domestic waste in the city will be recycled and reused to provide power generation and combustion for urban residents ③ Generally, excellent medium carbon steel, alloy structural steel gas and fertilizer for greening are adopted. At that time, garbage recycling is not simply recycling waste plastics and paper, it will become a hot industry

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