Maintenance of spark plug gauge and ring gauge

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Maintenance of plug gauge, ring gauge and gauge

(1) do not touch the working surface of the gauge with your hand to avoid rusting

(2) during use, put the gauge in a proper place, such as the table top of the tool cabinet or the wooden base plate of the stationary part of the machine tool, and do not put it on the tool holder of the machine tool or the material is 500 DEG; After 1000 hours of oxidation under C, it is on the guide rail of the bed to avoid damage

(3) whether the device is composed of titanium and PCU, the frequently used gauge or the infrequently used gauge should be regularly checked externally to see whether there is damage, corrosion or deformation of the low-temperature groove. If you find that the gauge begins to rust, you should put it into gasoline in time and soak it for a period of time, then take it out and wipe it carefully, which is almost the same as that of pingkuang group, and apply antirust oil

(4) do not keep the working surfaces of the two gauges together (such as plug gauge and ring gauge together), otherwise the two working surfaces will be glued to each other and will be unnecessarily damaged when separated by external force

(5) after using the gauge, wipe it with clean cotton yarn or soft cloth, put it in a special wooden box, and then store it in the tool cabinet; The sheet gauge can also be hung in the tool cabinet. If it is wet or can only be used after a period of time, wipe it clean and apply a layer of acid free Vaseline or antirust oil. The place where gauges are kept must be dry. (end)

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