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Maintenance of common faults of epson1500k printer

I. data and paper shortage indicator light flash

1 The paper feeding method set by the printer is inconsistent with your actual paper feeding method, so it can be adjusted from 2016 to 2017

2. When loading paper, the printer will not accept it. The problem lies in the paper detector switch. Due to long-term use, the sensitivity of the paper detector decreases. Remove the manual paper feed slot behind the printer, and it is easy to see the position of the paper detector. It is connected with the motherboard with a set of yellow wires. Remove it (with small tweezers) and detect it with a multimeter, and you will find that the paper detector switch is not flexible or disconnected. The problem can be solved by washing it with alcohol or replacing it

second, the data and pause indicators flash, or the print head collides with the left and right head

this problem is mainly due to the long-term use, there are too many sundries (mainly dust) between the print head and the guide rod, resulting in too much resistance; When the printer is turned on, the print head cannot be positioned correctly, causing the printer to crash. Solution:

the first case: turn off the printer, use cotton to clean the guide rod with anhydrous alcohol according to the dosage of additives, add transformer oil or sewing oil, and pull it left and right for several times by hand. The problem is solved

the second case: turn off the printer, turn it on after a few seconds, and print again

III. all indicators flash

after this phenomenon, many users think that there is a big problem with the printer, or that there is a problem with the quality of this printer. In fact, on the contrary, this is its advantage, because there is a counting chip on the main board of Epson 1500k, which is specially used to calculate the number of printing paper. When the number of printed paper reaches the specified number, the printer needs the user to clean the waste ink box, and then clear the counting chip; Or clear the counting chip directly (not recommended). The specific method is as follows:

1 Turn off the printer and take out the black ink box

2. Remove the reel knob and the paper cutter

3. Remove the control panel (there is a clip in front of the panel)

4. Take out the left and right three screws (control panel), and open the clip under the printer with a slotted screwdriver; Then take off the cover, use tweezers to take out the bubble wipe in the waste ink box, wash it with water and dry it

5. After the above work is completed, restore and turn on the printer. At this time, you will also see that the fault phenomenon is the same as the original, because you have not cleared the counter. Please press the right button of switch - line feed/paper return - micro adjustment at the same time, and then turn on the machine. When you hear a clear sound, the operation is successful

IV. the printed word distortion

is directly calibrated with the software provided with the printer; If the software cannot be calibrated well, it can only be calibrated with the software in the printer. The specific method is as follows:

1 Press the pause key and start the machine

2. Load A4 paper for printing. At this time, the printer burning will also cause environmental pollution, and you will print two samples of the current printer status (the first is the description method, and the second is the calibration pattern pattern 1). After two pages of paper are printed, the printer status is that the power light is on. Observe whether the calibration pattern is in the alignment position. A large number of waste plastic bags cannot naturally degrade No.1 ~ No.25. When it is found that the vertical line of a certain No.X is not aligned, start the calibration from this No.X, and press the switch key until the indicator light indicates the corresponding pattern number. Press the pause key to print. At this time, the printing will be calibrated from the No.X you selected, but the printer will still print from the first vertical line. At this time, the printer will print 7 pages continuously. Note: do not turn off the printer when printing. When you have determined the final choice (page number is 7), turn off the printer. Then print online. If the word is still distorted, repeat the above steps until it is correct

finally, I would like to remind all users that before turning off the printer, please make sure that the pause light is on, because this is the sign that the printer thinks the task is over, otherwise it is considered as an abnormal shutdown. The next time the printer is turned on, the printer will clean the print head again, which will waste a lot of ink

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