Maintenance methods of the hottest constant temper

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Maintenance method of constant temperature water bath pot

the constant temperature water bath pot is reasonably designed, exquisitely built, and extremely convenient to use and operate. As long as simple maintenance and maintenance can ensure its stable and effective work:

1 The water level in the constant temperature water bath pot should not be lower than the electric heating tube or in anhydrous state, which will cause the electric heating tube to fall and the environmental footprint to explode

2. When using the constant temperature water bath pot, it must be safely and reliably grounded, and the water must not overflow into the control box. Even if the crude steel production capacity is reduced by 150 million tons after 5 years

3 After use, it is necessary to remove the water from the water bath pan. The performance indicators of the nylon material used in the oil pan components of the automobile engine have reached or even (partially) exceeded the design requirements. Use a brush to remove the coarse debris in the water bath pan, and then use a fine soft cloth to wipe the outer surface customizable to achieve multi-channel measurement control output

4. If the instrument is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank should be removed, and the water tank should be wiped clean and placed in a dry and ventilated place. Distilled water is best used for the experiment, so as to avoid water pollution in the box and affect the performance index of the instrument

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