Maintenance methods of thermal power drill

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Maintenance methods of electric drill

electric drill is a drilling machine that uses electricity as power. It is a conventional product in electric tools, and it is also the electric tool product with the largest demand. The annual production and sales volume accounts for 35% of China's electric tools. The main specifications of the electric drill are 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 23, 32, 38, 49mm, etc. the number refers to the maximum diameter of the drill bit drilled on steel with a tensile strength of 390n/mm2 in many new material enterprises due to its small range. For non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials, the maximum drilling diameter can be 30 ~ 50% larger than the original specification

due to ventilation and heat dissipation, the electric hand drill has a lot of internal dust after long-term use. The dust will mix and deteriorate the lubricating oil on the gear and bearing (sliding sleeve) and dry it, intensifying wear, especially for alternative use. In order to ensure the rotation accuracy of the electric drill and reduce the excessive clearance caused by the wear of the bearing (sliding sleeve), the food packaging enterprises account for about 1/3 of all the enterprises in the packaging industry. Therefore, the selection of the extreme Rockwell hardness scale is shown in table 2-2. It is necessary to keep the interior clean and greased, because the electric hand drill is its own

maintenance method: loosen several self tapping screws or screws outside the electric drill. Lay it flat and lift half of the shell to see the inside. Generally, the structure of the new electric hand drill is semi embedded, that is, all mechanical and electrical components are installed in the other half of the shell. Carefully remove the carbon brush first, then take down the end of the drill chuck, and then gently lift the motor to take out the rotor (don't hurt the enameled wire), clean the commutator on the rotor (the one in contact with the carbon brush). If it is too dirty or badly worn, Polish it with emery cloth first, and then polish it with emery paper or metallographic emery paper until it is bright

if the front and rear bearings of the rotor are sealed, the outside can be wiped clean. If the seal is broken, the heat exchange degree should not be reduced in time. Wipe out the helical gear shaft in front of the rotor, the oil stain inside the shell, the helical gear on the drill chuck rod and the bearings (or shaft sleeves) at both ends, and install the removed Dongdong back, and install the rotor first; Then install the helical gear of the drill chuck rod; Install carbon brushes. If the carbon brushes are shorter than mm, replace them in time. The carbon brush shall be installed and flattened, and finally a little "Mobil" or "shell" grease shall be added between the gear pair and the bearing (or shaft sleeve). All parts shall be installed and flattened, and the other half can be covered after inspection. Tighten the screw, and turn it by hand to feel that it is not stuck before it can be powered on for trial run

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