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Maintenance of automobile computer control system

(1) it is strictly forbidden to disconnect the battery line when the engine is running, so as to prevent the generator from losing load and causing excessive voltage to damage the computer

(2) when the engine fault light (checkengine) is on, do not disconnect the battery cable before the fault is repaired to prevent the fault code stored in the computer from being cleared. Make it difficult to repair

(3) it is forbidden to start the vehicle with multiple batteries in series or starting power supply

(4) according to the samples with different diameters, it is strictly forbidden to conduct the high-voltage wire fire jump test, so as to avoid damaging the computer by self induced potential

(5) when the vehicle needs electric welding, disconnect the battery line first. Remove the computer

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(6) because most automotive engine computers have permanent power supply, it is forbidden to disassemble and assemble the computer before disconnecting the battery, so as to avoid damage to the computer caused by self induced potential

(7) it is strictly prohibited to plug and unplug computer related inductive components when the engine is running

(8) try to use a digital multimeter when testing computer related components. For example, when using a pointer multimeter to test computer related components, use a high resistance multimeter with an internal resistance of more than 20K Ω

(9) do not use a test lamp to test any computer related devices without absolute certainty

(10) do not connect the wrong polarity when installing the battery

(11) it is strictly forbidden to wash the computer and related components with water when cleaning the vehicle

(12) The electric fuel pump of the fuel injection system is controlled by the air flow meter or computer. After the ignition switch is turned on, the oil pump circuit can be turned on only when the engine is running or starting. It is strictly prohibited to modify the fuel pump circuit to prevent the engine from stalling when the fuel is exhausted, and the fuel pump continues to run, resulting in sparks and fire

(13) if the car needs to enter the paint baking room for painting, all computers must be removed to avoid high temperature damage

(14) when overhauling airbag vehicles, the power supply must be disconnected for several minutes before overhauling. It is strictly forbidden to use multimeter to measure components related to airbag and detonating tube device in life. Prevent the airbag from opening accidentally

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