Printing trouble caused by the worst paper defect

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Printing faults caused by poor paper quality and troubleshooting 2

printing faults caused by poor plane strength of paper

the surface strength of paper refers to the degree of combination between paper fiber structure, filler and rubber. If the paper technology is not properly mastered and the surface strength of paper is poor, the phenomena of powder dropping, roughening and peeling are easy to occur in the printing process. It even causes chain quality problems such as stacking plates, stacking rubbers, pasting plates, embossing plates and reducing the printing plate resistance. The main causes of paper powder dropping, roughening and peeling during printing are as follows: the adhesive force and peeling force are generated on the surface of the paper during the contact between the ink on the blanket and the paper surface, and this force increases with the acceleration of printing speed. Therefore, when the surface of the paper is strong and the user simply requires low price, the faster the printing speed is, the more serious the paper will fall off

after the fact that the surface strength of the paper is poor, the emergency remedy on the production site can reduce or eliminate the phenomena of powder removal, roughening and peeling printing only through the adjustment and control of the printing operation technology. The main technological measures are as follows:

first, reduce the printing speed properly and reduce the experimental operation during embossing? The operation and data processing shall conform to the requirements of gb228 (2) 010 "room temperature data metal tensile test method" for adhesive force and peel force

second, the printing pressure should be appropriately reduced to reduce the impact and stripping force on the paper

III. The increase of the use time at any time is to properly adjust the viscosity of the ink, and add some adhesive remover or inking oil to the ink to reduce the viscosity of the ink

fourth, printing should be carried out with a small amount of fountain solution as far as possible to avoid the adverse effect of "large water, large ink and large viscosity"

fifth, check whether the rubber cloth is aging and sticky. In case of some defects, apply a layer of sulfur powder on the surface of the rubber cloth. If this method is invalid, replace the rubber cloth with a new one

sixthly, some paper scraps on the paper surface can be scattered by using the paper dryer to hang the paper, and by the machine rotation and blowing

seven is to make an air impression on the paper to make the paper powder fall off

VIII. For the paper with poor surface strength, adjust the layout for printing with less ink absorption to ensure the printing quality of the product

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