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Easy to control configuration software works award collection

Net is the greatest revolution in IT industry in recent ten years. It will affect every aspect of our life, including automation software. With the arrival of Windows Vista and windows 7 and the rapid change of IT technology and automation technology, the architecture was built in Net platform has more and more advantages. Ease of control is entirely based on Net framework, which has a fundamental change over the previous generation of software in terms of function, stability, openness, scalability, ease of use and user experience. In order to bring the leading use experience to more users, Jiusi e-manor Co., Ltd. specially held the award-winning solicitation activity of "soliciting excellent easy-to-control works to enjoy industrial control.Net"

I. contents of the competition:

1. Excellent easy to control works

projects, pictures, graphics, animations, reports, etc. made by easy to control; Solutions made with easy to control user programs, etc

selection criteria:

(1) the works are carefully designed or part of the actual field application project

(2) the project requires rich functions and reasonable design; The picture shall have beautiful layout and clear process flow; The graphics shall be exquisite and easy to control; The animation is required to be simple and practical, reflecting the characteristics of easy to control animation; The statements shall be carefully designed, beautiful and practical; The solution requires clear functions and clear ideas

(3) it is necessary to briefly describe the unique and controllable functions used in the work

2. Excellent suggestions

users understand the application and products of configuration software, and put forward suggestions for the functions of configuration software

selection criteria:

the recommendations are specific and detailed, with the foresight and feasibility of the next generation configuration software

3. Choose one of the above contents

II. Directly print out A4 format report, participation mode

1. For easy control program, you can contact jiusiyi company to obtain CD. When delivering the works, it is necessary to indicate the personal contact details: work unit, position, address, postal code, office, etc

2. In case of technical problems during the production of the work, please consult: 826

3. The work should be delivered through the following ways:


contact person: Chen Liang


4. The list of winners will be announced at jiusiyi company on September 16, 2009

5. All participants have the opportunity to get a beautiful gift provided by jiusiyi company

III. award setting

first prize 1 prize 2000 yuan

second prize 2 prize 1000 yuan

third prize 3 prize 500 yuan

excellent suggestion award 3 prize 500 yuan

Participation Award unlimited exquisite gifts

IV. activity process

collection time of works: June 15 August 31

selection time: September 1 to September 16

announce the list of winners, works and awards: September 16

v. other matters

1. The awards are based on the submitted works, and the entries must be original by the author

2. Jiusiyi has the right to publish the award-winning works, use them in publicity occasions and use them in products

3. Participants must submit their works within the effective date of the activity

4. Beijing jiusiyi Automation Software Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret this activity

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