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Entrepreneurship: private money is not the only thing. If dreams are people's spirit and happiness is people's material, entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve spiritual and material balance. More and more people, to a certain extent, started their own businesses in order to achieve the common prosperity of the two. Among overseas returnees, the intensity is still very strong. However, no matter what kind of entrepreneurship, the capital barrier is a barrier that must be passed. So, how to solve the capital problem

commonly used are government support, guaranteed loans, venture capital or private money, etc

private money, in English, is eggmoney, which refers to the money saved by farmers selling eggs. Therefore, it can also be said that private money refers to personal funds or savings. In the initial stage of entrepreneurship, especially for innovative technology companies, the promotion of technology and the transformation of achievements require a very large amount of funds. Therefore, unless the dynamic force sensor has a lot of private money, it can not go far alone. Fortunately, with the increase of entrepreneurship momentum, angel investment, venture capital, green credit and other industries have flourished, which has eased the pressure on entrepreneurs to a certain extent. So, how can we successfully obtain these resources when we choose the speed of 3.2.2 when starting a business

use high barriers to obtain capital investment

according to the experience of Mr. caimaolin, chairman of aishe technology, one of the top ten returned overseas entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun, after choosing a good project, how to keep their company alive in addition to the relevant investment of the Japanese government may be a basic skill that every entrepreneur must have. Most wedge-shaped fixtures of entrepreneurs have front opening design, and they should be good at using the advantages of their own projects to introduce external funds. At present, aishe technology is the only company dedicated to energy-saving solutions for air compressor system. Due to the extremely wide use of the market with an annual gap of 17billion yuan, aishe technology has obtained various capital investments. In addition to the various capital support from Zhongguancun, it has also obtained the risk investment from Softbank

why did Softbank choose us? Mr. caimaolin said that first, the market is huge, which can save tens of billions a year; Second, the technical barriers are very high, because I am a fluid student. Now it is not easy to find such people in the society. The threshold is high and it is difficult to innovate; The third is the team. He still recognizes the technical team led by me. The market is large, the barriers are high, the people's Bank, and then the life comes out

what the society recognizes is simple, feasible, effective and cheap. How can technological innovation and entrepreneurship succeed? There are only two things:

first, you have set up a company. Your original technology is very good. You are favored by venture capitalists. You have survived

second, like Huawei, it does trade first, saves the first pot of gold, and then starts

Baidu is a typical first-class company. It has no income for two years. It only began to earn income in the third year. It just has venture capital, because Robin Lee brought back two million dollars. The second is Ren Zhengfei of Huawei, who first started trading, poured in from Hong Kong, and then sold it, saving the first pot of gold. Only these two types of companies can survive. If we say that those who engage in technology only take some private money to set up a company, they will certainly fail

in a word, entrepreneurs should be good at transforming scientific research achievements into products suitable for enterprises, with an open mind, from simply doing business to a variety of capital management methods, and make full use of information-based management means, so as to go fast and far on the road of entrepreneurship

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