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although only a quarter of British printing enterprises have computer direct plate making equipment, the choice of printing plates and their suppliers has still become one of the highlights of the IPEX exhibition. Today, China paper takes you into the printing plate selection of packaging and printing, and introduces the relevant contents in detail

at present, three quarters of British printing enterprises are interested in purchasing CTP equipment. The IPEX exhibition provides them with an opportunity to select suppliers and use printing plate types

ctp plates are very different from traditional printing plates in terms of imaging methods, so anyone who will make a decision to purchase CTP should note that their understanding of the values and concepts of traditional printing plates is meaningless

64 fiber reinforced calcium silicate board

far away from standardization

this is not only a problem of selecting an imaging device and then processing the printing plate. This is not just a matter of deciding which plate to use, and then looking for the corresponding plate making machine. Because the current computer direct plate making technology is still very non-standard

at first, the silver salt printing plates can be used in some operations where the Institute is going through the preliminary formalities, but these printing plates need to be operated under the darkroom conditions after Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been working on the experimental machine for so many years. Soon after that, thermosensitive office became a more ideal choice. However, when the technology of thermal plate became stable, violet laser printing plate appeared. So what kind of plate should be used for CTP technology

printing plate is a long-term consumable, and its selection directly determines the profit and cost of the enterprise. Therefore, it is important to take a moment to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Agfa can provide silver salt sensitive plate, violet laser plate, thermal plate and polyester plate of various sizes, so it will not have a special preference for a certain product, and any printing enterprise can choose. It is very suitable for enterprises that have a choice of direction

Fujifilm graphic systems has also launched purple laser printing plates, but they have always been in a leading position in the photosensitive polymer plate market. Kodak polychrome graphics is in the first place in the thermal version market

all manufacturers try their best to speak out about the advantages of each technology, but visitors can go to each booth and synthesize these arguments by themselves. Before long, you will find that there is no advantage in any particular technology that can make a decision easily

some individuals who require hard points, soft points, square points and phase changes can also be satisfied, but for an investigator, what really needs to be decided is how to add up the various parts of a specific printing plate technology, which is most suitable for his work requirements

for example, the purple laser printing plate seems to be faster and cheaper than the thermal version, but on the whole, the total operating cost of its service life is much higher than that of the thermal version. Moreover, there will be more problems caused by the printing resistance, printing performance, wetting and emulsifying tendency of violet laser version

thermal version is recognized by all users as having excellent fine dots and high resolution of printing plate. In general, it is the only technology suitable for random addition. Mr. Steve Doyle, the application technology director of KPG, said, "the halftone dots on the thermal version can be as durable as the best traditional imaging dots, because the thermal laser diodes used now have very high energy."

some enterprises publicize the purple laser printing plate as Holy Grail. The laser diodes used to expose this plate are very cheap and are available everywhere. The exposure speed of this plate is also very high? 5 printing plates with format B1), and the processing process is similar to that of silver halide printing plates

the return on investment data shows that violet laser technology is the most competitive. The printing plate is still in its infancy, but many suppliers provide this product. Graham Leeson of graphic systems of Fuji company said: "our brilliant lp-nv digital printing plate is the first time we have been involved in the purple laser printing plate, but we have applied the patented multi particle technology to the printing plate, so that it can show the highest quality on the printing machine." As with silver halide plates, photosensitive polymer plates have existed for many years, but the use of violet laser diodes for phase transition requires a lot of energy, which means that a CTP polymer plate that can match the thermal and silver salt technology cannot be corrected. The method is to control or stop the climbing of the jack at the position opposite to the centerline deviation

silver halide plates are the most durable technology. Tony king, CTP product manager of AGFA company, said, "the selection of CTP equipment should be based on the performance that customers are looking for. On the premise of laser imaging, silver salt printing plates have ideal quality, because the speed and contrast can be ideally matched, and these printing plates are produced with technologies that have been verified for decades. The processing process is simple and fast."

environmental issues are frequently asked when examining each technology. Many people believe that the thermosensitive version has the strongest trust. Maybe, but none of the developing chemicals will stay the same forever, no matter how they started. The advocates of silver salt printing plate believe that silver salt printing plate is the most cost-effective printing plate, and the recovery and reuse of silver components is also very easy to achieve, and the profit is very high

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