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High temperature sterilization upright bag printing skills

upright bags are "standing" in the eyes of customers. Based on the factors of market shelves, upright bags convey more eye-catching product information. Faster, its unique packaging creativity makes it stand out among thousands of commodities. As the upright bag makes the storage space looser and the search more convenient, it is loved by consumers

our company is a mainland branch of Hong Kong Meiya Packaging Enterprise Co., Ltd., which has successfully launched high-temperature sterilization upright bags. So what is the ingenious point of the printing process of the high-temperature sterilization upright bag? This is the focus of flexible packaging manufacturers. Here, I would like to share our experience with you

our company produces three common material structures for high temperature sterilization upright bags: PETL 2/NYL 5/AL7/

rcpp70. The printing layers of petl2/AL7/rcpp70, nyl5/evohl5/rcpp70 are pet and NY

pet film is thin and easy to wrinkle. Therefore, a large tension is required during printing. Special ink resistant to high temperature cooking shall be selected, and attention shall be paid to whether the film has static electricity. PET film is very easy to generate large static electricity, resulting in quality problems such as blocking, ink dots, knife lines, etc. during printing. In addition to the conventional method of eliminating static electricity, it is an effective method to strengthen the temperature and humidity control in the workshop

ny is the most difficult material to print, easy to absorb moisture and deform, and the tension is extremely unstable. Therefore, the packaging film shall not be damaged before printing; Pay attention to test the environmental humidity before printing, and it is best to take dehumidification measures; Print immediately after opening the packaging film. At the same time, one process can not be ignored - preheating. The preheating temperature shred buddy seems to be a useful multi-functional tool. The degree is controlled at 50-80~c. without preheating equipment, the printing equipment can be used flexibly, and the first color group can be vacated as a preheating device; The tension shall be properly reduced during printing; After printing, it must be sealed and packed, put in the curing room for 2-3 days, and then compound as soon as possible

whether printing pet or NY, the control focus is ink. It mainly includes the following two aspects

(1) adjustment of ink printability. Including viscosity. Adjustment of color concentration. Automatic viscosity regulator can be selected to improve working efficiency. The regulator can add solvent according to the preset value to keep the viscosity of the ink unchanged. However, the color concentration of ink should not be controlled by solvent; Medium light, special; Medium light agent

(2) closely monitor the effect of active particles. After printing for a certain period of time, the ink will produce many active groups, which will combine with the chromium ion of the gravure cylinder. When these complexes appear in the shallow part of the gradient version, their binding force will hinder the transfer of the ink, resulting in blocking. Starting point. Therefore, the manufacturer should not worry about the cost of the experimental paste at this time, but can add an appropriate amount of activity slowing agent CHY-1 auxiliary agent

the upright bag of our company can not only be used for high-temperature sterilization, but also can be combined with the zipper to form an upright zipper bag, which is not only convenient to open and reseal, but also conducive to the preservation of food, preventing the leakage of internal logistics and moisture-proof

the combination of different materials determines the different uses of vertical zipper bags to meet the packaging needs of various items. Next, we should further investigate the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials in a real fire

(1) the upright zipper bag specially designed for the food industry can pack grains, vegetables and pasta. Candy, thousand fruit, cold fruit, beverage. Tea, spices, seasonings. Frozen meat, quick-frozen food, coffee, sugar and lotus root powder. Sesame paste and other powdery food. Common material structures are: OPP/CPP P[lower/VMPET/lldpe.opp/PET/p[, PET/PE, pet/pe, opp/lldpee, etc.

(2) vertical zipper bags specially designed for chemical industry and daily chemical industry can pack all kinds of lotion products, such as laundry detergent, shower gel, shampoo and detergent. Common material structures are: PET/VMPET/PI (multi-layer coextrusion), PET/Al/PC (multi-layer coextrusion), etc.

(3) Specially designed for electronic industry, the enterprise zipper bag can pack computer color printing powder. Copier, carbon powder, iron powder and electronic equipment, but try to adopt ISO and respective national standard parts in terms of material testing methods. The commonly used materials are PET/Al/CPE, etc

since the above materials do not exceed the requirements of high temperature sterilization, it is not difficult to control printing

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