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Problems and bottlenecks in the paper packaging industry (I) to promote a new and good packaging industry in which corrugated bags deform or fall off with the scientificoutlookondevelopment. The packaging and printing industry has always been known as the urban industry, and has been growing at a rate of 10 ~ 12%. Although China's corrugated board has a considerable production capacity and a good development trend, there are also many problems. Even if there is no world economic crisis, the integration and reshuffle of the corrugated packaging industry is imperative. There is a serious surplus of cartons, resulting in vicious competition within the carton industry and a carton crisis of excess and overheating

it is worth noting that there are some excess orders before the impact. In recent years, the corrugated box production capacity has developed too fast, went online blindly, got out of control seriously, and there are too many corrugated boxes, making the situation of excess capacity worse. At present, there are more than 4000 tile lines in China, with an annual output of more than 20 billion square meters. Roughly speaking, the low-speed lines with a speed of about 50 meters account for more than 1/3, or about 40%; The speed is about 1/2 and 45% of the medium speed line; The actual production speed (not the design speed) is more than 150 meters, accounting for about 15%. 10%; There are about 16000 ~ 20000 carton factories in China, with an average annual output of 6.6 million square meters of corrugated cardboard for each production line. The proportion of single-sided machines used in various places accounts for more than half. Serious overcapacity and intensified industrial competition have resulted in insufficient operation of most production lines, and some production lines have been shut down. According to statistics, the average startup rate of China's tile line is only 40%. Undoubtedly, there are serious hidden dangers behind the rapid development of China's carton industry

(II) adopt certain macro-control measures. On the one hand, the model must be adjusted in time. Without rectification, there will be no peace and development. Adjustment and development are the real way out for the development of carton enterprises in China. In the next three to five years, the number of existing tile wires in China should be reduced by half, i.e. no more than 2000

industry experts suggest that the enterprise structure and product structure should be maximized. The traditional thought of emphasizing equipment and neglecting management makes the modern management level of some large and medium-sized enterprises unable to keep up with the process of equipment technical transformation, and thus can not make advanced equipment produce more profits; In addition, some carton enterprises do not have smooth access to market information, especially the lack of operation experience in the international market and product innovation ability. In order to obtain market share, they can only adopt the means of vicious competition and blindly lower the price, which eventually leads to low profitability of the enterprises, which can only make small profits or even operate at a loss

(III) extend the product and service chain and coordinate the industrial chain. The number of corrugated board production lines in the United States is less than 40% of that in China, but its corrugated board production (calculated by area) is more than three times that of China, which is closely related to the level of production lines and startup rate in China. At present, the speed of corrugated board production lines used by carton enterprises is mostly lower than 100 m/min, and the width is less than 1.6 M. if the startup rate is not high, it will also affect the production capacity. According to statistics, the average startup rate of tile lines in China is only 40%. Therefore, it is urgent for the carton industry to eliminate narrow width and low speed tile lines, develop high-speed and wide width tile lines, and improve the startup rate. It is necessary to strengthen the technical transformation of tile wire and improve the existing technology platform

after the transformation of value-added tax, the value-added tax paid by equipment purchasing enterprises can be deducted as input tax in the process of purchasing fixed assets. The cash expenditure is reduced by 17%, and the depreciation (17%) and business tax and surcharges are reduced. The enterprise profit is increased, which constitutes a good situation. In 2009, it is possible to intensify efforts to update equipment. However, the equipment renewal should have a scientific market positioning and clear market risk expectations. The most terrible thing is that the fixed assets are idle, which is particularly important for the economically developed regions

(IV) the carton enterprises are overwhelmed by malicious harm from bad customers. Some loans are not paid in arrears, which makes it difficult for enterprises to transfer funds. In the bad bidding, customers use the bidding method to make the carton enterprises fight a price war, which is the sadness of the whole industry

(V) recently, the paper Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association visited 9 large and medium-sized carton enterprises to discuss the recent situation of carton enterprises

1. Price of packaging paper:

recently, the price of packaging paper has been declining, which generally reflects that the current price of packaging paper has dropped to the price level in 2006. The reasons are analyzed as follows: firstly, the inventory of packaging paper is overstocked; Second, the price of waste paper in the United States and in China dropped sharply, nearly doubling; Third, the carton market is weak and the use of paper is reduced; Fourth, the paper-making industry cut prices mutually and the competition is fierce; Fifth, the import of packaging paper was stopped

in the past, paper-making enterprises sat at home waiting for users to come. Now, paper-making enterprises are selling at home, and the price can be negotiated. In view of the above situation, the carton factory can be choosy and choosy. Whoever meets the quality requirements can be bought at a lower price. There is a choice. According to the current situation, the price of packaging paper still has a downward trend, so it is not suitable to buy more and press the warehouse

2. Industry business situation and future market trend:

visited 9 enterprises, generally reflecting that the paper price has decreased recently, mainly due to the impact of the global financial crisis and the significant decline in the number of supporting export boxes, as well as the closure of some domestic product enterprises, the domestic demand for cartons has decreased, and it is generally felt that the market business volume has decreased compared with the previous months. Accelerate the formation of industrial clusters to improve the ability of independent innovation and integrated innovation. According to the analysis, it is expected that the market trend will not improve next year, and the pressure will be greater. It is impossible for any company to solve the problem alone, so it must be prepared

3. Profit analysis:

8 of the 9 carton enterprises reported that their profits have declined this year. The first is slightly lower than last year's profit level; The second is that the profit level is much lower than that of last year; The third is basically no profit, but no loss. It is analyzed that the main reasons are: the sharp rise in packaging paper, the rise in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials, transportation and fuel, and the rise in labor wages, resulting in a rise in the production costs of enterprises that still need to import a large number of high-end products

4. Users strongly demand to reduce the price of cartons:

after the reduction of packaging paper, users demand to reduce the price of cartons. First, the third-class plate drawing factory in the industry has the fastest response. Due to the fierce competition in the carton industry, the recent business is weak. Enterprises that have made carton price adjustment last year and this year should give due consideration to carton price adjustment. But it must be to protect the principal and make small profits, and resolutely not to do anything without profit or loss

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