Collar embroidery embroidered wall cloth is fashio

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This is a versatile and fashionable wall cloth, which meets the preferences of different tastes. Why don't you go to Lingxiu embroidery wall cloth store to experience it

its color can be modern style

its texture can be new Chinese style

its ambivalence can be light luxury

its shape change can be American

therefore, this is a versatile wall cloth

is also a fashionable wall cloth

meets the preferences of different tastes

why not go to a specialty store to experience it

touch... Its texture

sometimes, Appreciation is also a kind of beauty.

interesting journey of fantexi 29. Antique white

collar embroidery. The embroidery thread and cloth on the surface of the embroidered wall cloth are made of polyester silk. Polyester cloth, commonly known as "Dacron", is a commonly used clothing fabric with good environmental protection performance; The middle adhesive layer of collar embroidery wall cloth adopts EVA hot melt adhesive, which is non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof and mildew proof, and has good adhesion to the fabric; The wallpaper base paper made of imported base pulp at the bottom layer has significantly better environmental protection performance than other kinds of wallpaper base paper. The product is constructed on the same day and can be checked in on the same day

(image and text source: collar embroidery wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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